destiny? umm, no thanks.
Elaine - Me
Why do I have to be a princess thought 12 year old Elaine Not only that but I have a princessy name great just great I thought for the millionth no billionth time in my life. I am princess Elaine of Girltopia _ I mean seriously what a stupid name and because of that stupid name we girls have more rights over others I don`t even think that is fair I think we should all be treated equally no matter anything execept if they are evil. Well anyway I guess I`ll tell you how I look I have blonde hair I know blonde hair and light peach skin. Just how you would expect a princess to look but at least I had brown eyes somehow.
Some people would do anything to be me... Anyway no more of that lets talk about my rules.
I am not allowed to:
Leave the palace grounds
Make crafts
Jump on Furniture
Run around the castle execept for important causes
That covers about everything about me. Oh one more thing I have a really special necklace from my dad who died VERY PRINCESSY just thought I`d mention it

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