This is a collection of short stories. The twist? They're all 53 words.

Chapter 1: Peppermint
Chapter 2: Why Would You Enter The House?
Chapter 3: The Sibling Argument Over The Last Cookie
Chapter 4: SnapCRASH
Chapter 5: He’s Just Fickle
Chapter 6: There’s No “A” in “Soul”
Chapter 7: The Old Zombie Married Couple (Translated Out of Zombie)
Chapter 8: Expressing My Pent Up Anger Towards The Fact That My Class is Having a Debate...
Chapter 9: I’m Lost
Chapter 10: Of Course I Lost My Car Keys
Chapter 11: I Think That My Grandmother Is Out To Get Me
Chapter 12: A Modern Tragedy
Chapter 13: I Have THAT Family
Chapter 14: “I think simultaneous infatuation at first sight exists and then if those two...
Chapter 15: Magic Dagger
Chapter 16: Existential Crisis
Chapter 17: Crafty and Clever
Chapter 18: That Moment When Your Phone Says That There’s WiFi But Nothing Loads
Chapter 19: Plaster Mask
Chapter 20: I Have Made It My Goal To Not Break A Single Ornament This Year
Chapter 21: It’s Mostly Out Of Boredom
Chapter 22: I Like My Bed Because It’s Warm And Soft And It Doesn’t Force Me To Go To School
Chapter 23: Gas Station Phoenix
Chapter 24: I’m In College. What Am I Doing With My Life? (Watching Reruns)
Chapter 25: This Person’s Dead
Chapter 26: Wednesday
Chapter 27: Mors Fati
Chapter 28: ️Poison
Chapter 29: What Was The Assignment Again?
Chapter 30: It’s Very Litteral
Chapter 31: The Last Knight
Chapter 32: The Drama Nerd’s Head
Chapter 33: From Across The Hallway Part 1 (A Golden Shovel Poem)
Chapter 34: Night Sky
Chapter 35: Dream Scene
Chapter 36: Audition
Chapter 37: Spirit Glance
Chapter 38: Chances
Chapter 39: Rainy Day
Chapter 40: Intruder Alert
Chapter 41: What Are Your Thoughts?
Chapter 42: Why I Cried In Biology Today Fun Fact: Not BioChem Reltated This Time
Chapter 43: It’s Not A Movie
Chapter 44: I Decide To Take Cassandra’s Weird Dare In A Game Of Truth Or Dare
Chapter 45: From Across The Hallway Part Two (A Golden Shovel Poem)
Chapter 46: So. Many. Feels.
Chapter 47: Take A Deep Breath
Chapter 48: Let’s Play A Game Called “Spot The Reference”
Chapter 49: Waiting
Chapter 50: Ache
Chapter 51: I Want To Sleep, But I Can’t
Chapter 52: I’ll Make A Plan
Chapter 53: A Word From The Author

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