Star Crossed
Star crossed
A purple blue sky adorned as far as my blind eyes could see. The soft caress of the wind fluttering my soft silky night gown. The moon hung lowly casting an eerily beautiful shadow, that mine eyes cannot see but my aura can feel. I stand as still as a branch being thrown about in the wind, fluttering around the small area of the gazebo. Tonight shall be the night that my prince will come. His aura will connect with mine and we shall be whole. With one set back I only wish he accepts me. The only thing being my eyes. My eyes that cannot see, but rather feel. My thought become agitated as I longingly wait.
2 hours have gone by and I’m slowly losing hope, what if he does not come?
As I wait I am left reminiscing what had happened the night that we had been cursed. My family and I had attend a royal feast like nothing In the history of feasts could ever be compared too. It’s sheer size was astounding. It had taken weeks to prepare. Once both of our kingdoms had arrived we had begun to eat. My prince sat to my left as it was to be an arranged marriage.
4 hour it had been, I can’t help but feel my hope slip away, as he probably will not come, but still I wait. Agitated and fidgeting I pace.
As part of the arranged marriage we were not allowed to tell each other our names as per customs until the wedding. We had laughed and joked and danced and pranced. For this was the beginning of the two kingdoms uniting. If the union was not met the two kingdoms would be at war. Alas that would not happen for the arrange marriage was to happen the next day. However what we had not expected was for there to be an explosion of light and for the cursed witch to step out.
6 hours he’s not coming I was naive and foolish to think he would. And now I’ll pay the ultimate price. I will be spending my eternity without love, my eternity without light, my eternity alone.
“Two people can not be happy when entering an arrange marriage! Especially at the age of only ten!” She had raged.
The two kingdoms had shown anger towards the cursed witch and tried to send hell hounds after her. In utter humiliation and anger the cursed witch put a curse on myself and my prince.
“On the 8th hour of the 8th day of the 8th month of their 18th Birthday the two lovers must come togeather from across both sides of the world. Togeather they must hold the purple flower of truth. If this does not happen the two lovers will spend eternity alone and their kingdoms will turn against each other.” She had cackled and she went up in flames, my prince disappeared along with the witch and was said to only be seen on the chosen date.
So, as I wait in the dark I splay my fingers out and open my arms to the rays of the moon, excepting my fate.
The wind tinckles and rustles my white hair. I feel a presence, without warning I feel a hot breath on my neck.
“Amore meus I can’t wait to spend eternity with you!” A husky voice speaks, alluringly.
I turn to the direction of the voice. A bright light blurs my vision. I gaze around astonished. As far as the eye could see, Im no longer blind! All around I see strange things with feathers and this amazing vibrancy of colour. A huge gazebo that I had been pacing under held beautifully decorated flowers and an assortments of lights.
My breath caught in my throats at my eyes landed on a strange creature, the voice of the stranger interrupted my amazement;
“Amore meus, I have waited so long for this, my hearing has returned!”
“My sight! Who are you creature, although I know you to be my true love?” I ask, in bewilderment.
“I am Prince Casberia, and ever since the witch put a spell on me I lost my hearing and finding you almost all the way across the world of athero was increasingly difficult!” He babbeled.
“My love I am called princess seeri, I have waited for you for as long as I can remember, the witch took my sight!” I explain.
Suddenly a pulse of power radiates from a flower.
“Amore meus seeri, I have brought you the flower that’s to end the curse-“ he begins.
Suddenly my newly restored eye’s shut as a blinding light appears. A strange creature, know to many as the cursed witch stepped on the grass, her dress fluttered in the wind and she steps forward.
“My lovelies I see you have Brocken my curse as said before; I shall leave you and your family be.” As quick as that the light faded and she disappeared.
I let out a hot breath take my true loves hand and lead him to the castle, a huge banquet was held in our honer and we spent the rest of our night carefree and locking loving gazes.
The End...
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