Toys edition
Home Alone
“ Guys! Quick come see!”, shouted Green toy Dinosaur Tyrone.
About ten toys came running over.
“ What is it?”, asked Secret Sargent Spy Guy. (AKA Agent Samuel Danvers )
“ Look!”, Tyrone shouted, he pointed to the calendar. Samuel gasped.
“ How could this be?”, said Basketball action Figure Landon Wright
“Guys!”, shouted Ankin/Darth Vader , “Search your feelings you know it to be true!”
“Alright everybody calm down”, said Connor the Police Cop. “ They are just going on a VACATION.”
Many toys gasped. Little Red Riding Hood (who was really Veronica Hood) fainted into The Big Bad Wolf’s arm (AKA William Wolf). Connor shot a few toys bullets into the air to calm people down.
Everyone turened their attention to Connor. “ Don’t worry I’m sure Jake and his family will be back soon”. Everyone let out a sigh of relief.
Suddenly there were thumps coming from the stairs.
“Code Red!”, Connor shouted. All the toys fell down on the ground and pretended not to be alive. Jake Evans came running in the room.
He scooped up Sergeant Connor in his hands. “Freeze you villains!”
Jake pulled out two robber toys. He pulled out Sergeant Connor’s handcuffs and handcuffed the two villains. Jake played cops and robbers for about fifteen minutes before his mom called, “Jakeie time to go!”
Jake put down Connor and the Two handcuffed villains on the bed and left the room. He slammed the door behind him. All the toys could hear him bounding down the stairs.
“Whew!”, Connor sighed. “ That was a close one.”
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