Dear Diary
Saturday May 1st
Dear Diary,
For starters, my name is April. If you REALLY need to know, my last name is Dodder. April Grace Dodder. You happy now? Anyway, this is gonna be a diary about me, an awkward 7th grader. Yes, I have braces, not glasses though. And no, I am not a straight A student. I’m about the most average girl you will ever meet. I’m 5 ft. 3 at 13 years old. I have hair the color of carrots and caramel mixed to make me weird hair color. My favorite color is emerald, green to be more precise. So now that you know all the meaningless facts about me, lets get into my life.
So today I ran into my crush, Terrence. He’s really popular and is always surrounded by girls, especially a really “hot” one named Marie. Seriously, sometimes I wonder if she hates me. I mean, she could win any boy in the whole school. And she has to go for the one boy I like. What’s her deal?! Anyway, there’s this boy who likes me named Dan. I don’t like Dan, he’s a total slacker. Well, I kinda am a slacker too, but anyway he really is annoying! He’s always bumping into me and pretending it was an accident. Ugh! Anyway, back to me running into Terrence. It was super awkward! This was our conversation:
“Hey,” he smirked at me.
“Hi!” I sqeaked.
“How was the quiz in Science?”
“Oh, I got a 65.”
“Uh, I mean the one today.”
“Oh well it’s kinda hard.”
Marie suddenly walked up.
“Actually, it will be easy for Terrence. He’s so smart, and he studied. Let’s go to class,” Marie yanked his arm.
“Okay, bye April,” Terrence said as he began walking away.
“Bye!” I called loudly.
I’m an idiot. There’s no way he’ll like me. Oh well.
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