“Why I Write”
This girl is who begin to make me to write, and i don´t know who is she and i gonna make to write about her
One of my best books are “The Animals can read too”, and it was the third book who i wrote
I like wrote it so much who i make the draws, can i draw too
The other one was “The kid and the shoes” the most worst book i wrote, that was so bad who i think to kill myself, but i´m here
“My greatest draw” i called it but isn´t so good, i am so bad writing but i like draw
i like to make histories with womens at the principal characters
The gnome i doesn´t make this draw but i like it
i like this history a gnome who doesnt want make the fathers want he make in a revolution of the world of all have order and all are most like robots than living creatures

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