Choose something life or death
My name is Laura Lux. It was a hot sunny day. Me and my mom had to start moving out of town because of the decease called heromtoxin started growing popular in our city. It grew fast and no one knew what to do since there was no cure. The only choice we had was to move out. My mom was driving us out of town when all of the sudden... A stranger came over running to us! “Laura get out!” My mom whimpered. “I can’t leave you here” I cried. Too late, the guy smashed into my moms car breaking the window open and knocking her out. I couldn’t see what he was doing but he was looking like he was chewing on something there. I wanted to punch my face. I wanted to bring my mom back to life. But I didn’t. I kept running away from that horrible sight. I ran for about an hour. All of the sudden I tripped on a stick and banged my Face on the road. “Weird” I thought, “I shouldn’t STILL be on the road” I started rolling a bit when all of the sudden I fell into a dark pit. My white hair ran in the wind showing how dirty it was since it had heaps of dirt on it. “Hello?” I cried, no answer until, there was a low groan. “This can’t be good” I think. A ragged hand with...blood! On it all over it! “Zombies aren’t real” I tell myself, but sadly a load confirms that they are. “Dang it” I think. I’m not really into love but I miss my friend. I had a crush on him since I was 6. Of course, love was a game back then. There were seven words I always wanted to say to August. But I couldn’t they were. “I want to be more than friends.” I had to snap out of it bit a friendly voice overtook me “Laura!” “August?” I think run to where I think I heard him shout when all of the sudden...
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