Remember me?
Remember me?
I’m the lonely one
Who while everyone I’d ever know held hands together, laughing
Would sit alone half a world away
Isolated and shrouded in loneliness
Watching tear-blurred dots move meaninglessly before me
Indefinitely alone
Remember me?
I’m the empathetic one
Who would see only the hardships of my friends and my strangers
And who would comfort and support
Drained and hollow of life
Giving and giving until I couldn’t give any more
Yet no one would give back to me
Remember me?
I’m the suppressed one
Who as the world crashed down around me and buried my faith
Could not find the courage to step off of the sidelines
Afraid and trapped in my own mind
Conquered, paralysed, by my fear
Remember me?
I’m the “silent” one
Who as the cataclysmic hurricane approached
Would choose to leap in and flail
Unseen and unheard
Screaming and shouting and kicking and fighting - in vain
Remember me?
I’m the haunted one
Who when faced with a foggy journey
Carved my path twisted
Remorseful and carrying a heavy conscience tainted with guilt
Bearing so much blame I can’t take it all
Forever plagued
Remember me?
I can make it all seem hopeless
You cannot force them to be your friend
You cannot force them to care about you back
You cannot take courage in the labyrinthine mind
You cannot show them what they won’t see
You cannot change the past
I’m your weakness; your
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