Do something wrong, 6 days in darkness
6 Days In Darkness
My mom yelled “Summer!!! You’re late for school!!!” I yelled back “Mom, I’m still getting dressed! I’ve GOT to find a nice friend that I can count on!”
Mom sighed. “Listen, Summer. You don’t need to have good looks just to have a friend. You need to be yourself.” She put her hand on my shoulder. “Good looks aren’t everybody’s everything.”
I smiled and she kissed me on the forehead. Then she smiled back. “Have a great first day of high school,” She said. Then I grabbed my backpack, slipped everything I needed in there, and hurried so I wouldn’t miss the bus.
When I got on, this girl named Natasha greeted me. “Hi. I’m Natasha. How are you?” I rubbed the back of my neck. “I’m good. My name is Summer. How are you?” Natasha laughed. “I’m good, too.”
Then, Natasha pulled off her backpack and unzipped it. Then, she took out a stuffed hamster. “Aw!” I cooed. “What’s his name?” I asked. Natasha looked shocked.
“H-He’s new. I haven’t given him a name yet. What about-“ I interrupted “Anything is fine,” I started. “Your opinion matters.” Suddenly, me and Natasha lurched forward, and so did the other kids on the bus.
“Sudden stop,” I mumbled under my breath.
Natasha and I finally reached Burden High. “See you at lunch,” I said. Natasha nodded, then we walked in the double doors and went our separate ways.
In Geography, I was surprised to see Natasha arrive late. “S-S-Sorry, Mr. Peterson. Mrs. Surrow made us do extra English. Everyone’s late for their classes.” Mr. Peterson looked at his watch. “It’s fine. Just sit down.”
After Geography was Chemistry. I took a deep breath as I sat down next to Natasha. A boy named Jonah sat on the other side. He laced his fingers around mine, but I untied them, and at the last second, moved away.
Finally, it was lunchtime. “So, have you decided on a name for your hamster yet?” I asked, picking up the cheeseburger I got for lunch. Natasha shook her head and took a bite of her mac and cheese.
“But,” Natasha started after swallowing her bite. “I’m thinking about naming him Teddy.” I tapped her head twice. “Ooh, good choice.”
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