How would you feel if you were judged by the color of Your skin?
Chapter 1
Everyone had been like that since the beginning of the school year back in September. Most girls whispered when they thought she couldn’t hear.
At least the boys were open about it. They shouted at her in the hallways, calling her names and teasing her.
Sometimes she would get pranks played on her. Maybe she would come back from gym to find her shorts sopping wet. Once she sat down in Geography, only to have her chair collapse under her.
And it wasn’t only the students who were mean. The teachers were in on it, too. Whenever she would have a trick played on her, the teachers would simply turn a blind eye.
And she seemed to get detention more then the other students. Whenever the other students would forget their math homework, they would be reprimanded and told to bring it the next day. Whenever she would forget, she would be sent to detention, and made to write sentences.
Only one teacher seemed to sympathize with her, and that was Mr. Genia, her English teacher. At least he didn’t wince at the sight of her. At least he didn’t take every opportunity to drop her in detention.
But I’m sure she knew why. It all made perfect, horrible sense. There was a reason for everyone’s hatred of her, no matter how dreadful it was.
It was an awful, unfounded reason. It was just because she looked different from everyone else that she was treated differently.
It was all because she was black.
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