The day was going great! As my Dad would say, it had been a silver dollar day. Until now. I had just walked into apartment 109 in Skylark Rise. My insignificant apartment. as soon as I opened the door I heard the earsplitting sound of my two rambunctious and rowdy twin siblings, J.J. and Jill. They are so loud, we’ve gotten complaints from the neighbors about the noise. Did I forget to introduce myself? I’m Kathy.
“Hey Sweetie!” my Mom chirped happily as I walked into the kitchen.
“Hey Mom. Do I smell pizza?” I said
“Yup! You sure do! We’re having it for dinner. J.J. and Jill requested it,” she replied
Glad we’re not having lasagna for dinner tonight. Every time Mom cooks it, she sets the fire alarms off.
“Oh! Forgot to tell you! Orthodontist appointment Saturday.” Mom told me.
“ Great.” I said, trying to sound excited.
I dash out of the room before my mom can say anything else. Ambling up to my room to start my homework, I tripped on Jill’s “Hug Me Hannah” doll. “Stupid doll!” I cursed angrily. Finally getting to my room to start on my book report for the book Bridge To Terabithia. I wasn’t able to start reading the book because of J.J. screaming at Jill to give his army Lego minifigure back. I tried starting my math homework but that didn’t work either.
“Would you two quiet down?! Kathy is trying to do homework.” I hear mom yell at J.J. and Jill, but that obviously didn’t work. They just ignored her but then they stopped.
“Why does she have to do homework? We want her to play with us!” J.J. and Jill chorused.
Mom replied, “She’s in middle school and you guys are in kindergarten.”
“Phooey.” the twins pouted.
Finally I can do my homework in peace. NOT!!! The door just slammed. I know what that means. Dad’s home. AKA the “sibling bomb” just went off.
“Where’s Kathy?” he asked my mom.
“She’s up in her room doing homework,” replied my mother.
“Hey Dad,” I said.
“Hey sport!” he laughed, “Heard you have an orthodontic appointment this Saturday.”
“Yep, goody.” I said sarcastically. I knew what was coming. BRACES. My mom says they are a good thing. To me, not so much.
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