There are seven chapters. And a little moral and WARNING at the end. Thank you
Hello, My name is Andie Smith. I am in third grade. I am that uncool person. If you know what I mean. I have only one friend. Riley Patterson. One day, I was walking to school. Riley came running at me. I was in front of her house. Hello! Andie hey!! Hi Riley. I said. Riley is crazy but sweet and kind. What’s wrong Andie? She asked. Riley always knows if I am sad or happy. She knew now too. I...... I don’t like school. Well why? Umm... These girls. You mean the Bully’s? Yup. I said. They have been bullying me. Since you were sick. You have been sick and not at school for a week. Last week they bullied me. Oh, Andie you could’ve came over to my house. I did. I rang the door bell. No one answered. I rang it like five times. I said. Andie I remember. Mommy and Daddy were out shopping. I was home alone. Mom told me not to answer the door. Sorry. It’s alright. I said. The bell rang. Ding Ding!! School was starting. Me and Riley ran to the entrance doors...
The Start- Chapter Two
I paused. Miss Hull the secretary said. Andie dear, what happened? Nothing Miss Hull. I said. Thank you for asking. I ran. Riley was waiting for me in the hallway bench. Lets GO! We opened the door. Miss Kristie was not at school yet. We unpacked. The Bully Girls, Were all being mean. To the class. I said, Please! What said the Bully Girls, Lia, Anne, Kayliee and the popular head one, Alyssa. Alyssa said, Andie Smith. What? I said. You will never ever beat me Andie. I sat down. They all came to the white board. They said, Well to bad kiddos. Miss Kristie is not here today. So we will be the teachers. So Andie and sweet little Riley, come up. We came. What? Riley said. Do fifteen push-ups in about ten seconds. GO! One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine and TEN! How many did you do? One we said. Well than fourteen slaps! Lia get Riley’s left. Anne Riley’s right. Kayliee left of Andie. And I’ll do Right of Andie. Anyways I am always right. Right girls? Yes Madam. Said the Bully Girls crew.
What?- Chapter three
Lia from the Bully girls was calming down a new student. Laura Kilometer. She was crying. Alyssa saw that. She said, Lia your kicked out of the Bully Girls club. What? What you. Just sit down Lia. Lia sat near Laura protecting her. Riley your in. Okay! Riley ran to the club hugged Alyssa and started being a bully. Lia and me just stared. Then I started to cry.
Trouble- Chapter Four
Every one was tearing wet drops from their eyes. I was scared. Just then Alyssa said, Welcome back Riley! Riley used to be a part of the Bully girls club. Then she dropped and was my best friend. Now she is back again. I was frightened. Just then, Alyssa Riley and the Bully Girls said. Andie Smith, Laura Kilometer, and Lia Steph. We hate you so you better SHUT UP!!!!! Then the door opened as they said Shut up. Alyssa! Riley! Anne! Kayliee! It was Miss Kristie, Miss Hull the secretary, and the principal Mr Bliss. They all yelled. All the students, sixteen not the Bully Girls were crying. Ladies!!!!!!!! What is going on? Umm... Mr Bliss Miss Kristie and Miss Hull we did umm... Nothing! I stood up. They did. They made us do fifteen push-ups in ten seconds and I DID ONLY ONE In ten seconds. So they slapped me fourteen times. Kicked out Lia cause she was calming down Laura. And made Riley join. She did. My best friend. I trusted her. Then they said to Lia Steph, Andie Smith me, and Laura Kilometer. Poor Laura it is her first day. THEY SAID................. Alyssa and Riley and Anne, and Kayliee stared at me mad like they wanted to beat me and slap me to death. I took a deep breath. Andie honey, What did they say? Said Mr Bliss. I breathed again. ANDIE!! I had fainted. I was at the hospital when I woke up. My poofy brown hair was little. Then when I looked up the doctor said to mommy and daddy. Andie has cancer. I touched my hair. It pulled of. Without hurting. I cried.
Nurse-Chapter Five
I had cancer. I cried. Mom and dad looked at me. Andie what happened. I took a deep breath. It hurt so much. I have Cancer I said. No honey. Yes mommy I do. Honey we are so sorry. Said mommy. Can I see the Bully Girls please? Umm... Yeah they are down stairs. I’ll go get..... NO MOM! I wanna go by umm.. myself. Honey the doctor has to come with you. Okay. I pressed my need doctor or nurse button. The nurse came running. Yes Andie. Can I go walk and see my class friends down stairs? Please? Sure but I have to come with you. Yes Nurse. I said. I care fully got up. I looked down. It was my brother. Aiden. I said. He came running and gave me a hug. Andie. You have cancer. He said. A tear came. Yes Aiden. I do. But I’ll be right back. Okay. Okay Andie.
Friends forever- Chapter Six
I went on the escalator. Down. I saw Riley Anne, Kayliee Laura, and Alyssa. Alyssa! I yelled. She came running. Tears came down her face. She had not felt so bad for me before. Sorry Andie. Andie I love your hair. I love how you dress. I like how your a friend. Andie are you okay? Said Riley. I started crying. No. I- I- H-A-V-E -C-A-N-C-E-R!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No!!!!!!!! Alyssa hugged me. No its all because of me. Nooooo!!! I feel so bad. If I had not said Shut up and slapped and oh........... Alyssa Kayliee Anne Riley it is all okay. I forgive you. Never. Do not ever forgive us. We are mean you are so kind. Understanding, humble, loyal, nice, forgiving. We are mean, bully’s, boss, sassy. You are number ONE!!!!!!!! So friends? Forever! Friends Forever!!!! I said. Thank you said Alyssa. I said. I’ve gotta go. Bye. It is the last time I will see you. You can go home. So wish me luck. I will not die or anything. Lets pray. We did. I went up. They went home.
Grandchildren- Chapter Seven
So that is the story of my life. Grandchildren. I said to my grandchildren. Alyssa, Lia, Laura, Anne, Kayliee, And Riley. WOW!! Now be nice. Okay Grandma. Alyssa had died. When she got home from the hospital. She killed her self. Lia and Laura are still alive. Riley died yesterday with cancer. And Kayliee Died today. That is my story I told them. So my moral is: Do not be a bully bad things will happen. No excpected so be nice caring loyal. Be like Andie. You do not have to have the same name Andie but be like her sometimes. - Warning- Not a true story. Made up. Do not kill yourself. Please and thank you.
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