making memories, breaking hearts
Summer Camp
Tears rolled down Gabrielle’s face as she hugged her friends, and said goodbye for what seemed like the hundredth time. They all were in a clump, all the girls crying and hugging each other. The guys were trying to play it cool, but Gabby knew that they sad to leave too.
This summer had been interesting to say the least. She never expected so much to happen, especially since the last summer was so drama free. Gabby stepped aside to catch her breath and she saw the whole scene in front of her. Tons of little kids were on the field and older ones were saying goodbye to each other on the stairs. As for her friends, they were all sobbing. Slowly, her friends started to leave one by one. She waited by and hugged her friends. After she had said bye to one of the girls she hadn’t had the best time with, she was grabbed from behind around her waist. Gabby turned around and was face to face with one of the guys in her group. They had become close during the last week, and she was going to miss him a little extra. A couple more tears ran down her her face as she jumped into his arms and got spun around.
She was sad to leave but while she was hugging him, she saw another guy standing off to the side. All of her other friends had left, they were only going to be reunited next year. She slowly walked over to him. They had had a rough history and she wasn’t going to miss seeing him everyday. Before reaching him, she turned back around and grabbed her suitcases. After taking one last look at the camp behind her, Gabby left her summer home.
See you next year.
Gabby turned around quickly as soon as she heard her voice being screamed out. It was the next year, and she was finally back at camp for the summer.
“Rory!” she screamed. Gabby jumped onto Rory who was running towards her. “I missed you so much, I can’t even explain it!” Rory gushed to her.
“I can’t believe I survived a whole year without you guys!” another voice said, running up to Rory and Gabby. “Willow!” they screamed.
They all embraced each other in a tight clump, right as another girl ran up. “Rory! Gabby! Willow! My girls are all here!”. They all turned around to see a very familiar face. “Lucy! I’m so happy to see you!” Willow said.
They immediately began to get caught up with each other. They talked about all the things that they didn’t get a chance to talk about over text, calls, and facetimes. They were so concentrated on their conversation that they didn’t notice the other group of people come up behind them.
“Look who it is,” Rory whispered, “Caterina, Deidre, Caitlin and Mercedes. The girls who think they’re too cool,”. They watched three girls saunter past us, and a fourth struggling to fit into the conversation they were having. Gabby got a strange feeling in her stomach. She felt bad for Mercedes. Once that was her, at school, trying to figure out where we stood in her group. Good thing Gabby found a good friend. “Don’t look now, but here comes the other group of them, but they’re guys, and have abs,” Willow said. Rory snorted and the group watched as a group of guys walked past. “Matt, Ryan, Noah, Nolan and Josh,” Gabby said, “It’s funny, do you think that Nolan and Josh will be nice to us like the end of last summer, when none of the other so called popular kids were here?”. They all shrugged and Gabby went to drink some water when Lucy and Willow started screaming.
“Luke’s here! Gabby you have to go say something!” Rory said a bit too loud. Gabby cringed and turned around to lots of eyes on them, including Luke and his friend Sam. “I am not saying anything. He made summer terrible last year, and I truly don’t want to go back to that. Lukrielle is never going to happen,” Gabby said. All her friends eyes widened and she realized her mistake. “What did I do?” Gabby said in realization.
“Lukrielle! Lukrielle! Lukrielle!” Willow, Rory and Lucy chanted. Soon the rest of the guys excluding Luke joined in. Gabby couldn’t take it and ran away from her friends to a quiet spot nearby, where no one was. She heard the chanting stop and her friends running to find her.
“Gabby?” a voice called to her. She groaned and stood up from the big rock she was sitting on. “Please go away I’m not dealing with this, we just got here,” she said finally. Luke stepped out of the shadows and Gabby couldn’t deny that he had gotten better looking since she had seen him.”What?” she asked. “I wanted to apologize for everything that happened last summer, I really liked you”-
Right then, all her friends came to her rescue and Gabby gladly joined them as they walked back to the stairs outside the lobby. Gabby noticed someone after they had finally reached. She stared for a bit before finally recognizing who it was. They turned around and recognized her too.
“Emery?” Gabby yelled. The guy started to walk towards her and smiled. Emery and Gabby were friends from school and they had gotten pretty close. “Who is that?” Willow asked, “He’s hot,”. Gabby glared at her. “He’s off limits,” she replied.
“Ellie! I can’t believe you’re here! I haven’t seen you since school ended” Emery smiled. Gabby embraced him and he spun her around as her friends gawked at Emery. He was vey good looking and was a honest, down-to-earth person if Gabby would’ve had to describe him.
“Wait, so he’s allowed to call you Ellie? I thought only your family was allowed to,” Lucy whined. Gabby stood shyly by Emery and shrugged her shoulders. “Don’t look now, but Luke over there is getting jealous, and he’s coming over,”.
“What!” Gabby cried, “Nah uh,”. She began to pull her friends and Emery away, but Luke and Sam got to them before she could escape. “Hello, I’m Emery, nice to meet you. You are?”.
Luke glared at Emery before introducing himself and Sam. “How do you know Gabby?” Luke questioned. “School,” Emery simply said. Emery smiled down at Gabby and she blushed and looked at the ground. “Are you two dating?” Sam butted in.
Gabby burst out laughing. “No oh my gosh, we’re just friends,” she said. “And here we have another victim of the friend zone, maybe Emery can change that,” Rory shouted.
“Just so you know Emery, Gabby and I had a thing last summer,” Luke said, clearly trying to make Emery jealous. Gabby’s friends starting chanting Lukrielle again and Emery just looked confused. “That’s news to me,” Gabby said. Most people were listening in on their conversation so there was an uproar after Gabby told Luke off.
“Campers, please report to your cabins to prepare for our first day of getting to know you activities and more!” the loudspeaker blasted.
“Summer here we come!”
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