could gold be the only way to get free?
“Should we rip the will up?” Tim McHumphrey asks his gang. “Or should we hide it?”
“I don’t know what we should do with the will,” one of his gang members admits. “We need the gold.”
“Yeah, let’s go sneak into the bank. We can still the Bang’s money there. Then we’ll be rich with gold!”
“How do we get in?” another asks. “We’ll look like robbers.”
“We’ll do it,” Tim McHumphrey announces. “We’ll just have to look like...I know...Chelsea’s aunt. If we can get that gold...and that money...we’d be rich. Chelsea is worth so much, that’d be like doubling it. We have to find her. She’s probably at a foster home.”
“She’s turning sixteen soon; she’ll be thrown out,” another admits. “But we have to find her. She’s worth gold.”
“Now, isn’t she so cute?”
Jessica Bang is in the hospital, looking at the newborn. “She’s beautiful. What should we name her, Weston?”
“I don’t know. She’s beautiful. Well, I’ll go by my sister’s middle name: Chelsea. That’s what we’ll name you, Chelsea.”
“What if our spying gets in the way?” Jessica asks. “We might die. We have a very grave job.”
“I don’t know, Jessica. It really depends.”
Chelsea Bang picks up the phone, age thirteen. “Hello? Why are the police calling?”
“We’re here to say that your parents just died.”
“Both of them?” Chelsea asks, ruffling her black, curly hair. Her brown eyes are in fright. “Mom and Dad? From their stupid spying job?”
“I’m afraid so. The bad side caught them, saying, ‘Make a sacrifice. We’ll kill you, or the General.’ They said, ‘Kill us.’ Now, the bad side is nowhere to be found. I’m sorry.”
“What?! NO! Where’s the will?”
“We can’t find that either. So we don’t know if she meant to give you the money or not.”
Chelsea breaks into tears. “Will I have to go to a foster home?”
“’Fraid so.”
Author’s Note:
Chelsea’s parents were spies and always risked their lives. Here’s the full dialogue of their murder (in Dad‘s point of view):
We look sideways of the wall, with General Tindent beside us. There’s the gang. If we could just turn them in. “Jessica. Kade. Should we sneak in there?” I whisper.
“Perhaps,” Kade Tindent says in his low voice. “We could perhaps ambush them.”
Just then, the two bad people are talking. As we sneak in, they both point our guns at us. “We’ll kill Jessica and Weston,” he snears, “or we’ll kill your general. Which one?”
“Kill us!” Jessica cries. “Leave General Tindent.” I raise my hand to call the police—
There’s an intolerable pain in my stomach. I fall to the floor, taking one last glance at the stain of blood on General Tindent’s pants. “NO!” he cries. “NO...”

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