Do Over
It was December thirty first 2017 and I was still pouting in my room. I had gotten socks and coffee mugs and ugh. all the boring stuff for Christmas! ‘’No one will like you if you keep acting like this.’’my Mom called through the door. It was true. I got three pairs of pajamas for my birthday in October and I, in the middle of my party with all my friends gathered around me freaked, out flipped a table and went to pout in my room. The next day as I walked through the school yard people started whispering and my friends just ran away.
It was a few hours later at bed time, a clear white girl figure appeared in the corner of my room. “Would you like to restart?” The ghost like figure asked me. “What?” “Would you like to restart?”it asked again. “Sure?’’ I answered unsurely. “Your wish is my command.”it said before whisking me away.
I appeared in a circle of people all watching me looking like they are waiting. I looked down and a present with my name on it sat in front of me. Making a split second decision I opened it.The PJ’s I had gotten on my birthday. Suddenly it dawned on me. The ghost wanted me to not freak out. Not go crazy and flip a table. I got a terrible idea. What if I would not be able to go home if I didn’t do this right.
Even though there was a burning feeling in me I resisted the urge to go run to my room.
I was still stuck in the past the next day. Off to school I go. This time as I walked through the hall my friends ran to meet me and no one was whispering. Instead of feeling embarrassed I was really happy. Suddenly time froze and the smoke girl appeared again. ‘’Going to give up. Or go to the next level.’’ What next level?’’ I asked. She showed me a little snipit of what went wrong at Christmas. ‘’I guess I’m ready. But I-‘’ before the sentence finished I was whisked away.
I found myself sitting under the tree. Everyone had a pile of unopened presents beside them. ‘’You can go first’’my mom told me. I quickly started ripping the paper off countless mugs and PJ’s and socks. Tears burned the back of my eyes. Not one toy not one chocolate. I sat there forcing myself not to fall apart. The normally delicious Christmas dinner was hard to swallow. Everyone had left and I only had to get through saying goodnight. My Mom came into the room and sat on my bed. ‘’You have done a great job today.’’She paused.”Honestly I thought you would go crazy. I think you deserve this.’’ She handed me two wrapped boxes and one card. I opened them one at a time. One box contained a blue and green remote control car. Another held a ton of candy and the card had a Boston pizza gift card in it. I smiled and before the words thank you escaped my mouth time had once again paused. ‘’You have once again passed the test.’’ The ghost girl said before waving her arms.
I found myself standing outside my house in a thick snowsuit, with a remote in my hand and a blue and green car in front of me.
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