cheerish every moment
The call
The crashes
The phone rang. I got a sick feeling in my stomach. Kayla ran over and answered it. She had this look on her face. She started crying. I have never seen this look before. Did mom go into Labor? Was dad okay? Did Colton get into a fight again? Did Jason break up with her? What was it that put this strange look on my sisters face? She hung the phone up. “Autumn...” She paused “ Mom got into an car accident..” I didn’t know what to do.
“Is the baby okay??” I was scared for an answer.
“Ya she is having a C-section. It’s a boy. Zachary Michael Holden 6 pounds 9 ounces 13 inches long. Healthy.” She said smiling. I love her smile. Not in a weird way though. The phone rang again. Kayla was in the bathroom so I answered it.
“Hello” I said.
“Hi, is someone related to Michael Holden live here.” The lady on the phone said. That was my dad. Why did they want to talk to my father.
“Ya, he is my dad.” I was nervous
. “Is your mom there?” She said.
“No, she is at the hospital.” I said.
“Oh it doesn’t say here that we informed you. I’m sorry for your loss.” She said.
“What loss?” I paused.” No one told me about anyone dying.” This is a mix up..
“Why is your mom at the hospital?” She said.
“She got into a car accident, She is okay. She just had my baby brother.” I said.” Now what loss?”
“Your dad crashed into a mac truck, we couldn’t have saved him no matter what” She paused.”Im sorry f-“ I cut her off.
“Wait its 11:59 Don’t ruin my brothers birthday for everyone no one has to remember this as the day he died.Understand? Wait you wouldnt, you probably never had have this happen to you before. Your dad die the day your mom had a baby.” I was being rude.
“No I havent.” She said “ I never had parents.” Then I realized who it was. It was my teacher. Why was she on the phone though.
“Ms.Jacobs?” I asked
“Ya” She answered
“Why are you?” I was asking her
The clock struck 12:00
Hey guys,author here If you dont like the book leave now. Im going to introduce the charcters. Colton and Kayla are twins they are 16. Autmn is 13 she is the main charcter. And Zachary is the newborn of course. Michael is their dad and Samantha is their mom. Jason is kaylas boyfriend and Autumn is bi. Autums teacher is Carter.

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