this could change my life...
I looked out my window. I could see the new giant park with lots of green area where kids can play and adults can walk their dogs. There were shops everywhere; butchers, grocery store, cafés and many more. And then they was a school. My new school. Hazelbury High. I stared at it. I was going to be the new girl. The new girl. It sounded awful.
“Don’t worry, Kalani.” It was my mum. She knew I was terrified of moving into a new school. “You fit right in. You’re beautiful and talented, you’ll make great friends.” She didn’t sound very convincing.
One Month Ago
I just came home from school. I went to the kitchen to grab a snack. My mum was in there; she was always in there. She’s a baker. She works at home, making brownies, cakes, cupcakes and many more and sells them. She even makes cakes for special occasion like weddings. Lots of people have complemented on her treats, and have been asking her to make treats for them. She is very talented; people say that she should have her own little bakery.
She heard me come in. She turned to face me; grinning. Strange. “What’s wrong? Did something happen or go wrong?” I ask worriedly.
“Yes, darling. I finally did it! I got a bakery,” she exclaims.
“YOU GOT A BAKERY! THAT’S GREAT MUM!” I was so happy for her. I couldn’t believe it. I was so happy.
“Sit down for a minute, Kalani,” she beckons me to sit down. “Many people have been asking for treats and you know that this kitchen is way to small for baking.” She was right. Our kitchen is very small. “Everybody have said that my cakes are amazing and that I should get a bakery. Well, I took it into consideration and I have saved enough money so I bought one.”
“That’s absolutely fantabulous,” I was excited. My mum was going to have a bakery. I couldn’t wait to see it.
“We will moving into Hazelbury View in a few weeks.” My face dropped
“What? No no, you’ve got be joking. We- we’re not moving,” I stutter.
“This is no joke, Kayla,”
“But we can’t. What about my friends? Becky, Sarah and Taylor? There are my best friends. I can’t leave them. And school?”
“My dear, it’s hard, I know. But it’s for the better. You can keep in touch with Sarah, Taylor and Becky. And school? Don’t worry, you are going to Hazelbury High. I heard it’s a very good school.” I just couldn’t. This can’t be
“WHAT?!?!?!” I shout.
“Honey, calm down. There’s no need to shout,” she tried to calm me down. There was so much going on in school and in my life. I couldn’t jut leave now; I just couldn’t. Then something else popped into my head. New girl. It haunted me. New girl new girl new girl. You’re going to be the new girl. No. No. No no no.
“Kalani! Stop it! There’s no need to shout. Moving somewhere else is a great new start and opportunity. It’s not bad. Just think about it,” she says strictly. I put my head down; she was mad at me. I got up with my had still bent and walked upstairs and into my bedroom. I call Sarah, Becky and Taylor to share the bad news.
“WHAT?!?!?!?!” they all say in unison.
“I’m moving to Hazelbury View in a few weeks,” I say. “It’s awful. I am going to miss you guys so much. My life won’t be the same without yous. Dilan and I were getting so close as well.” Dilan was a boy I recently got a crush on. We started talking, texting and hanging out. There were even rumours that he was going to ask me out ;). Now I am moving so all of that is ruined. Completely destroyed.
“I still can’t believe it though,” Taylor says still in shock
“Don’t worry, Kalani. We will definitely keep in touch and hang out on the weekends. And maybe we could find a way for you and Dilan to hang out as well,” Sarah suggested. She was one of the greatest people alive.She always helped me when I was in trouble. Sometimes she is bossy and rude but she doesn’t mean it.
“Yea, it’s okay. We’ll always be with you. no matter what. We always got you,” Becky persuaded.
“Thank you guys, you are the greatest friends alive,” I say. “I have to go and have my dinner now. Bye.”
“Bye Kalani.” I turn off my phone. I thought about moving. Maybe I was overreacting. I had to apologise. I stand up and wait a few seconds, before opening my door and heading downstairs. I found my mum in the living room, staring into space, nothing.
“Mum...” She looks up. She looks really tired and deep in thought. She patted the sofa as a saying of sit down.
“I am so sorry, Kalani. If you really don’t want to go to Hazelbury, we don’t have to.” I felt guilty. I knew she was really excited for this and I was acting a giant baby.
“No, mum. I was overreacting. I’m sorry. I just didn’t want to lose all the memories and friends I have. But you were right; moving is a new beginning. You are an amazing baker, I don’t want to take that away from you. So we can move, you have your bakery and I will have to go to school there and make new friends,” I say confidently. I really didn’t want to upset my mum. I looked at her. She didn’t say a word. I felt really guilt now. I put my head down. She puts her arms around me and pulled me into a hug.
“Thank you, Kalani,” she kissed my forehead. “Thank you so much, for caring for me and letting me have this bakery. You mean so much to me. I would never want to hurt or upset you.”
“I would never want to upset you, mum.”

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