the tale of A ruby ring and some cupcakes
Uh, oh...
Jessie loves to bake.
Jessie is a normal girl with wavy black hair that, in some places, went all the way down to her waist. She had a mother and a father and a little brother named Tom, who often baked with Jessie.
And Jessie didn’t especially like it...
“All right, Jess, I’m going out with Daddy tonight, okay? You’re going to look after Tom. Pizza’s in the oven, all right? Be good.” With that, Jessie’s mom and dad walked out of the room.
“Bye Mom!” Jessie shouted. She was excited. Tonight she was going to use some of her mom’s makeup and jewelry to play dress-up. Then she’d put it all back before her mom came back home. No one would suspect a thing.
“Tom, go play with your trains,” Jessie said, eager to get rid of him for the night.
“No! Cars!” Tom yelled.
Jessie sighed. “Go play with your cars then.”
Tom scampered away.
Relieved, Jessie snuck into her mom and dad’s bedroom. She put on some red lipstick and a red and black dress as well as some black eyeliner. Then she sighed as she looked at her mother’s expensive ruby ring. It would go so well with the outfit, she thought. Alas, her mother had worn it to her wedding and forbid anyone else wearing it.
Carefully, Jessie slid it on her finger.
“Tom, I’m going to bake. Would you like to help me?” Jessie hoped he wouldn’t. It was always a pain to bake cupcakes with him.
“No, I’m in the middle of a car race.” Phew.
“Okay!” Jessie said, trying to hold back her excitement.
She raced downstairs in her glamorous red and black outfit. On last thought, she put on her mother’s black high heels instead of her boring black flats. She had also added blush.
She took out a yellow cake mix and some eggs, vegetable oil and water. She mixed them together and poured the batter into cupcake cups. Then she threw them in the oven and watched TV while they baked.
Drrring! Jessie jumped up from the couch. The timer had frightened her!
Once she recovered, she went over to the oven, took the cupcakes out, and frosted the cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Her mouth watered at the cupcakes. She wanted to eat one, but she knew she had to wait until her her mom came back. Instead, she raced back upstairs and took off the outfit. She rested her hand on her mother’s dresser to take off the ring.
She gasped. The ring was gone!
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