the tale of A ruby ring and some cupcakes
In trouble
Jessie started to panic. What would her mom say? She was going to be in big trouble. She decided to play it cool like nothing happened.
Jessie quickly wiped off her makeup and raced downstairs to where Tom was hugging her mom.
“Hey, mom!” said Jessie.
“Hey, Jess! How was it?”
“Cool. I made cupcakes.” Jessie gestured over to the counter where the cupcakes were on display.
“Oh, they look delicious!”
Jessie took a deep breath. “Um, mom, I need to talk to you about something.” Sure, maybe it would get her in trouble, but she had to be honest.
“Sure, honey, why not we talk about it over cupcakes?” Jessie’s mom sat down.
“Uh,” Jessie took a deep breath, “It’s a little too serious to talk about it over cupcakes...”
Jessie’s mom raised her eyebrow. “Let’s go upstairs.”
“Spill it, Jess.”
Jessie took a deep breath. She had to do this. “So, um, while you were out with Daddy, I, um, might have dressed up in some of your makeup and high heels and maybe I wore your ruby ring and,” Jessie took a deep breath, “lost it?”
“Jessica! I told you to never, ever touch my ruby red ring! Never! No exceptions! Jessica, you are in big trouble!”
Uh, oh... Jessie thought, Mom never calls me by my real name unless I’m in huge trouble.
“I know!” said Jessie. “But, mom, I never went outside. It’s in the house, I promise!”
“Jessica, you are in big trouble!”
“I know, but before you decide on my fate, can we try looking for the ring? It’s somewhere in this house.”
Jessie’s mom sighed. “I guess we should look anyway,” she said. “I really do want that ring back.”
The whole family started looking around the house. The ring was nowhere to be found.
Finally, Jessie slumped down on the couch. “I give up!” she moaned. “The ring is gone! Give me the biggest punishment ever! I don’t care!” She started to cry.
Her mother sat beside her. “Jess, it’s okay. I don’t want to give you the biggest punishment ever. I just want you to learn your lesson. So what about this: no cupcakes?”
Jessie sighed. “Fine.”
Jessie’s dad, mom, and brother sat down and each tasted a cupcake.
“Mmm... Jess, these are good!” Jessie’s dad commented.
“Thanks.” Jessie watched her family eat their cupcakes.
Jessie’s mom took her second bite of the cupcake but immediately took it out of her mouth. “Jess, what did you put in these!”
“Nothing!” Jessie panicked.
“Wait, Jess, is that...” Jessie’s mom picked at the piece of cupcake she spit out. “My ring!”
The family was quiet for a split second. Then Jessie’s mom started laughing hysterically.
Soon the whole family was laughing... and Jessie got to eat a cupcake.
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