Her shadow
The shadow crept across the wall. It searched for the body. The body it got detached from. The body it must find.
The shadow had already searched for hours, only to to find little kids that don’t match it. The kids would often open their eyes and see the shadow. Some would hide under the covers. Some would pull out an electronic device and take a picture or video of it as it moves across the room, searching for the lost body. They were all rather frightened, but kept it contained.
But the most recent child called for its mother, and naturally, the mother came. She asked the child what the matter was, and the child pointed to the shadow creeping across the wall. The mother screeched and the shadow bolted away to the next house. The mother then called 911, and she was not believed, but then she asked for another person, to see if they would believe her, and sure enough, the person said that there had been several sightings reported of a random disembodied shadows. And it was true. They had gotten exaclly 109 shadow reports in one night. They sent their best detective to figure out the case, Mr. Calermani, and he set out on his mission right away, even though it was the middle of the night.
The search was on, and as he got to the first apartment building, he got his first clue. A child’s scream of terror as the shadow swept passed the room...
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