The Do-Over
I thought I was insane when twenty minutes before the clock struck for New Year’s, I heard a voice in my head.
It was beckoning for me, asking, “You have the chance to do one thing over; it can be anything you want, but once you choose, there is no going back. So, what will it be?”
I gasped in shock and all four of my friends looked at me.
“Are you okay, Yasmine?” someone asked.
Not even bothering to recognize who, I mumbled a quick yes before rushing to the bathroom. As soon as I reached the small room, I locked the door tight.
“What is wrong with me?” I thought to myself.
“Nothing is wrong with you, Yasmine. You were found worthy of a do-over and now is the chance to make that wish. Anything from any year at any time...”
My head was throbbing. I couldn’t be crazy; the voice sounded so real and genuine. Maybe this odd voice as telling the truth... maybe I could have a do-over.
But what would it be?
I remember three years ago, on my first day of work, I spilled coffee on my boss in front of my whole office. The adults joked and gossiped for months about me, and I don’t think they have ever stopped.
If I redid that day, I would have made a better impression on him and everyone else.
Wait - the whole reason one of my friends is out there is because of that day. His name is George: he is the whole reason I am still working for that company.
Maybe I can change something else... My eyebrows began to furrow as I thought of some possibilities.
“August 15th!” I exclaimed.
That was the day my boyfriend and I broke up.
We had the nastiest fight that went on for days. He thought I was cheating on him when all I did was love him. Honestly, I still love him.
Maybe I could change that day so that we could be together....
But does he still love me? Wouldn’t it be selfish for me to change our fates so I could have him back to myself? He is already dating some Californian blonde.
“Why are you doing this to me?” I whispered, clenching my head.
“I know you will make the right choice. However, you have five minutes, and time doesn’t stop for anyone.”
The right choice.
Would that be to change the day I failed Calculus and had to take summer school, the time I ditched my best friend, or the time I broke my leg and couldn’t do anything on my own for months?
What is the right choice? Anything that seems right ends up ruining another thing, and I only have one chance. If I change the wrong thing, I’ll end up with that mistake forever.
“Yasmine, hurry up in there!” Someone shouted; it was Quinn, my sister.
What is the right choice?
I could hear a clock ticking in my head, each tick seeming to go faster than the last one.
“I know what to do,” I said.
“Tell me. Any day in your life can be changed, and opportunity could be made, all for you.”
What is the right choice?
“I wont change anything.”
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