Romance, Adventure, And Death. What more could you ask for?
The Giant
The Giant took over our huge, but simple village when I was just a babe. He has turned us into his slaves, working us till old age, and then, finally, death. Death was considered a huge mercy. He whipped us, tortured us, and gave us the hardest work imaginable. My older sister, Aubrey, had been taken to a military base when she was five years old. She is five years older than me, and my twin sister, Amber. My best friends, Eric and his sister, Erica live next door. Erica’s job is the laundry.That is, the Giant’s laundry. His laundry is so huge, that it takes 40 people to carry it. 40 people to wash it, and 80 people to hang it up for drying. My job is to hunt in the woods that surrounds the village. My sister would do it with me, if she hadn’t loved animals a lot. So instead, the Giant assigned Eric to go with me on my hunting trips. The Giant expects 58 sparrows for appetizers, 102 pigs for a side, and 176 deer for the main course. Eric and I weren’t the only ones hunting, but when we hunted, we had a specific part of the woods that we had to hunt in. It was a great bonding time, him and I. Everyone thought we were brother and sister. They always said I should have been his twin, and Erica should have been Amber’s. We don’t look anything like each other. He has spiky brown hair, and big, brown eyes. His dimples show when he smiles. He is pretty muscular, and way taller than me. Whereas, I have elbow-length, dark, blond hair and blue-grey eyes. I am very skinny and tall, but not as tall as Eric and Erica. Amber, my twin, has short, light, blond hair and crystal blue eyes. She is as tall and skinny as I am. Erica looks almost exactly like her brother, except for the curved nose, and long hair. Amber keeps begging me to run away, because the Giant likes to whip me a lot. I keep putting her off. Until Eric starts to propose that we get out of the village. He knows I get whipped, even though I’ve never said a word to him about it. On a particular day, I had to hunt by myself. Eric had other chores to do. I came back with half of what we usually kill. The giant gave me 50 lashes, and then threw me in his giant-sized dungeon for the rest of the night. Eric found out about it, told my sister. She flipped out, and when I came back home, she begged me with tears. I couldn’t say no to her when she cried so pitifully. I mean, I was used to getting whipped three times a day. It wasn’t like I hadn’t been whipped all my life. But she wouldn’t relent this time. I finally packed up our belongings, and headed to my friends’ house. I told Erica my plans, left Amber at the house, and went to go look for Eric. He wasn’t home, and I knew he wanted to say goodbye before we left. I found him in the kitchen of the Giant’s castle, cooking some sparrows. I really wanted to drag him home and explain everything to him, but the Giant had spies everywhere in his castle. You couldn’t trust anyone. So I decided to wait for him to finish.
My name is Ember, and this is my story.
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