Can Natalie survive being...
Where am I?
I awake with a start, and discover that I’m unable to see.
I feel something thick and scratchy on my wrists, and realize that my arms are bound with rope.
I try to scream, but my voice comes out all muffled, someone has gagged me.
I can’t move my legs either, for they are bound as well.
I’m blindfolded too, and can’t see a thing.
I quickly start moving my mouth around, pushing my tongue on the gag, my mouth is dry, my tongue feels like sandpaper, and after a lot of work, I’m able to push the gag out.
I take deep breaths, breathing in the damp, musty air.
My arms are behind my back, so I position myself into a crabwalk, and try to get my legs through my arms, so my arms would be in front. After many attempts, I’m able to get my arms in front of me.
Good thing I’m a gymnast, or I wouldn’t have been able to do that.
I spat hair out of my mouth, and feel the wet hair graze my cheek. I lift my bound arms to my mouth, and work with my teeth to untie the knot. To my surprise, it comes undone easy, the knot wasn’t that tight.
I reach up, and yank the blindfold down, blinking my eyes, adjusting to the darkness.
I quickly untie my ankles, and stand up, putting my arms out to steady myself against the wall to keep my balance.
After the dizzyness goes way, I walk around the room, stumbling over objects on the ground.
I see a door, and push on it, but it’s locked.
Of course it is.
I push my long, dark brown hair out of my eyes.
Calm down, Natalie. Everything is gonna be alright.
But it’s hard to calm down, I don’t know what is going on.
Suddenly, I hear loud footsteps, coming from above me, and gasp.
Those footsteps remind me of what happened, of why I’m here.
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