The Adventure by HPSFAISAL

by faisal
The Adventure
Chapter 1
There was a boy called Jack and he had a little brother they were in a forest.Sleeping in there bed they did not know what to do until.
There was a storm not like a normal storm we same a his little brother were scared they cold not go to sleep but they pock there heads to see the lightning and the water and wind pushing us and then.
Chapter 2
It has been over 3 years and I was 18 years old I had a shield and sword and body armor to keep me safe one night I went on adventure but when I was sleeping a huge surf-ant came and I was sacred out of my mind but I had a plan I was ruing but luckily the surf-ant ran away but I don’t think we have seen the last of the surf ant he was just planing his next attack on jack.
Then a portal appeared before could get out is all ready took me to a dimension there was a vine a very long vine I was riding on it it was like a roll costar the were loops and jumps it was fun but when it end did I was stuck on the moon and did not know what to do but then another portal appeared but it was like the same that transferred me to the moon so it should tack me home so I jumped in the portal and took me back safe and sound.
chapter 3
When I came to the north pol and I could not believe my eyes there was a huge whale and in side of it was the surf ant inside the the surf ant it it was my little brother he got in trouble.Also there were some penguin an sme other animals that have caps herd him.
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