Can Katy be fixed?
Life Is Death
My name’s Katy. I’m just an average girl from Swansea, I’m only 12. Let’s go back to yesterday; it started at home...
“Mum! Katy’s still in bed!” Kathy was such a tell-tale. Anything I did, mum would know. Anything I said, mum would know. And anywhere I went, mum would know. Nothing was hidden. Only Kathy’s secrets were untold, but with one slip of my tongue, they would be out. I had enough of her telling mum about my every move. I was going to spill, and Kathy would be dead.
“Mum, can we talk... ALONE , Kathy,” I ordered. Kathy put her fingers towards me, in the shape of a gun, and pretended to shoot me. I rolled my eyes. She was ridiculous sometimes.
“What do you want to talk about, Katy?” my mum sighed, sympathetically.
“Well, you see, it’s about Kathy,” I whispered, “she seems innocent, but I know that she’s meeting strangers in the square.”
My mum looked at me, shocked at first, and then she got mad. “KATHERINE KATRINA ROBERTS GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!” my mum screamed. Once Kathy came down the stairs, I stared at her smugly. She deserved this, after all of the things she’s done to me.
“B-b-but m-mum I...” Kathy stammered.
“YOU’RE GROUNDED, UNTIL I SAY SO!” my mum screeched. But of course she didn’t listen - she went back outside.
I went out to get some milk from the town square, in which I saw Kathy crossing the road. Mum’s car came close to Kathy, and it brushed against her knees. Mum didn’t notice, but after another car came, mum found out about Kathy.
She was dead.
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