a romance
True Love
The moment I saw Evan Martin, I knew we were meant to be. His silky brown hair was swept to the side just right, and his eyes were a shade of hazel I had never seen.
And yet the moment I saw Evan Martin, I knew we would never be together. I mean, me? Ella Roberts, the library nerd? The one with the medium-length black hair and olive skin? I’m far from the most popular girl in Hampton Middle. That would be Savanna. She has dirty blonde hair, a ski-jump nose, perfect teeth, a slim frame, and she always wears amazing clothes. I knew I didn’t stand a chance with Evan.
“Savanna invited me to her party!” “Oh my gosh, she invited me too!!” “I’m so excited!” “Savanna is the best!” These four statements are all I can hear as I walk down the hall to my locker. Of course Savanna has never invited me to her New Year’s Eve party, but I hear they’re amazing. One year the party took place in Disneyland, and her parents reserved the entire park after closing time for a few hours. Another time her party happened in an enormous hot air balloon, and when the clock struck midnight she and her friends threw confetti and streamers over the sides. I hear someone tossed a hundred-dollar bill, too, but if that’s true it was one of Savanna’s rich friends, the ones who could use bills for toilet paper. I’m not rich. Far from it.
I spot Savanna handing out invites by her locker. The envelopes are bigger than my head and hot pink, with a little Beanie Boo keychain dangling from the expert bow. I feel a twinge of jealousy. But I am distracted almost right away, because just then Evan walks down the hall. Savanna is the most popular girl at my school, and Evan is the most popular boy. Everyone knows they’re going to get together some time or another, but Evan’s holding back. I like to fantasize that he wants to be with me, but that’s clearly not true. He has his pick of all the girls in Hampton. Why pick Ella?
I grab my books out of my locker and head down the hall to Geography. Suddenly I notice Evan following me out of the corner of my eye. A chill runs down my spine. He looks a little nervous, but his friends are pushing him forward. “Hey, Ella.” he says, running a hand through his perfect hair. I turned around, hardly daring to believe it. Evan spoke to me? “Yes?” I ask, discreetly pinching myself on the arm. “I was wondering,-“ Evan was cut off by the loud noise of the bell pealing through the hallways. I jump. Evan jumps. “I have to go.” Evan says quickly, and he walks away with a relieved look on his face. I turn around and hurry towards geography class.
I enter the classroom and sit down at my desk just before the lesson starts. Miss Kelsey pretends not to notice. That’s one of the things I like about her. She’s tall, with blonde hair tied into a bun on the top of her head. She wears loose white tunics and brightly colored miniskirts. Her makeup is usually drab, but she makes up for it with her bright jewelry. Miss Kelsey is my favorite teacher.
The lesson begins. I’m taking notes in my notebook when I see a familiar face out of the corner of my eye. Evan. Why didn’t I notice him in Geography before? I spend the rest of the time staring at him. I’m in love. I can’t help it. My hopes and dreams will be crushed and I know it, but I can’t stop crushing on him.
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