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The Glitter Incident
Ah, the Glitter Incident. One of Maya’s unforgettable days.
Maya, the girl with curly orange hair, wide, doe-like crystal blue eyes, and a button nose was working on a Solar System. Angelica, who had wavy golden-brown hair with lavender tips, hazel eyes, and lanky limbs, and Johanna, who had short dirty blonde hair with a single streak of spring green hair, amber colored eyes, and tan skin, was helping Maya. Angelica and Maya were happily talking about their favorite characters of their favorite book series, My Destiny for Me as they worked and Johanna sprinkled some glitter on Venus.
When Johanna put down the glitter, a small hand snatched the glitter off the table. No one noticed. Maya continued to paint the sun. “That’s why I think Rosiana should just admit to Joseph that she was the one who got the sword. Armor didn’t get it, but he’s been traveling, so nobody can contact h-“ And then that’s when glitter fell everywhere as Maya’s little brother, Jordan, poured out glitter from many collected containers of glitter.
Jordan showed his gap-toothed grin triumphantly as the girls started laughing. That’s when Maya threw glitter into his short orange hair. Jordan blinked his wide emerald green eyes and threw glitter back at her.

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