What would You expect to be in the woods?
On a simple island, there is a simple village with a vast lively forest. This forest takes up most of this simple island known as Blackwind, making it easy for the weak minded to get lost. Blackwind hunters’ would tell terrifying stories to keep the young children from wandering around where they shouldn’t be. Isacc lived near the edge of the forest and these stories were belabored over and over again. Isacc had tidy brown hair with dark green almond shape eyes. His elf like ears got him teased a bit, though he would get crafty. That got people to shut up. Isacc was also known to do foolish things. One of them to go to the Blackwind Woods.
“I’m going to hang around the island!” Isacc declared without regret. Notice he didn’t say village. Isacc may be ten but he sure had a way with words.
“Be back by sunset,” Isacc’s mother replied not knowing what her son was up too. She continued on her housework.
“Don’t worry, I will be back before you can say sunset,” he reassured. Isacc ran toward the back of the old wooden cottage. He stopped and looked back at the little village and then continued out into the Blackwind forest. The boy’s eyes blended with the dark green undergrowth and his brown hair matched the bark of the tall trees. Isacc snapped a stick off a tree and started to explore unknown. SNAP!
Isacc paused. He checked his surroundings, while trying to stay calm.
Isacc’s heart beat ringed in his ears. The stick he snapped off the tree earlier was ready to be used as a spear. It was nearly sunset and he was starting to get scared. Isacc didn’t know what were in these woods and how he can get out. Things were getting serious.
“S-Show yourself,” Isacc stuttered. The dark bushes rustled. Isacc stood ready for what was coming. A red and white blur leaped out of the bush. Isacc pointed the stick at the creature. A fox.
“Woah, woah!” the fox barked. “I mean no harm.”
Isacc lowered his stick and studied the fox. The fox seemed completely normal. Well, minus the fact it can talk. The small canine stalked around Isacc like a cat.
The fox stopped investigating and finally asked,”What are you doing here?”
“E-Exploring,” Isacc replied still unfazed that the fox can talk.
“Huh. Strange for someone to be out when it’s close to dusk,” he stated.
“I told my mother I would be back by sunset,” Isacc gulped. He had to get back to the village. Though the question was how.
The fox could sense his fear and knew exactly what it was. This isn’t the first time someone of his age wandered these woods alone. It was more of a game that he played with the hunters. Kids or mindless fools would wander where they wouldn’t be and Fox would act so ever so kind. Just to lead the fools to their own death. The hunters would come on a search party only to lose a few more men for the same reason as the other. The stories the hunters told to the children were a bit more exaggerated. From past experience, Fox had an idea what the boy was going to say next.
“I need a way back home,” Isacc admitted. Isacc saw Fox’s eyes widen.
“Well of course I can help you!” Fox sang. “But it will cost you.”
Isacc bit his lip. How can I get out of this one? Isacc thought to himself. I can’t even think of anything, and not to say this is the most mischievous creature. The red creature waited for Isacc’s answer. “I’m broke.”
The fox didn’t seem to care. “Oh child, it is okay. Instead we can play a game,” the fox smirked. Isacc gave a quick nod for him to go on. “How about a simple game of, well I don’t know, tag?” Isacc eyes lit up. This was his favourite game at school! Of course he would play to get back home. “Don’t get excited now, if you win I can lead you back home, but if you lose I can go back to my normal business,” he noted while looking at his claws.
“Um, ok then. I will do it, but wouldn’t it be hard for me to catch you?” Isacc asked pointing out unsure of his decision. The fox stopped to think. Isacc sits down and sets the stick against the earth.
“You can smudge your strange pelts in the dirt to camouflage,” Fox pointed to Isacc’s old grey clothing. He tried to give Isacc the idea that Fox was giving him an advantage just to only let his guard down of what he was going to do next: Lead Isacc deeper into the forest where the fearsome lion lives. Isacc mindlessly did what the fox suggested covering himself in mud and leaves.
“I’ll let you start,” Fox kindly suggested. His cheat was working. How could fox miss a massive pile of dirt in these woods? “Start when you are ready.” Isacc dashed to the open area which seemed to have been almost a perfect path. He would jump if a root got in the way and cleanly dodge every other obstacle like a sneaky ninja. Fox on the other hand was faster and knew these woods better than him. Not to say Isacc being in the opened space making it easier to spot.
Fox was getting so close to Isacc that he was almost running beside Isacc. All of a sudden Fox tripped over a root and went flying backwards. Struggling to get up from the minor injury, he noticed he couldn’t smell Isacc at all. All the dirt and leaves made Isacc smell like he was part of the forest. Fox padded over to the open space and traced the faint footprints the child left. He kept following the footprints.
Isacc was running out of breath. Had fox given up? Or did the fox trick him into going deeper in the forest? These thoughts scared Isacc even more. What if he never saw his family again? What if he dies of starvation? Then he heard something.
“Ok I give up you win!” It was the foxes voice in the distance which calmed Isacc a bit. The fox appeared out of the bushes to reveal himself. Fox looked different. He seemed more wilder and angrier than before. Something about the way Fox looked seemed unnatural for his eyes were pure black. The air felt warmer, yet those eyes reflected Isacc’s face like a mirror sending him chills. “Come on, follow me if you want to get back to your puny village.”
Isacc followed him with cautiousness. Fox wasn’t done yet. He was leading Isacc to the lions den which he planned at first. He could kill him in another way, but he promised the lion food for protection. Fox looked behind his shoulder to see the boy unsure of his surroundings. This made him smile.
Isacc thought of the fun games he played in the past. Pranking friends, tag, hide and seek, or just relaxing by the beaches. All these memories made him homesick. It was dusk and he still wasn’t home yet. “Are we t-there yet?” Isacc stuttered.
“Don’t you have any patience?” the fox yelled. His paws were scorching the cold earth. Isacc backed up in shock. “It’s not my fault you ran far away.” Fox, on the inside smiled with his forced smile. The sense of Isacc’s confusion made this job easier. “We are getting closer.”
“Doesn’t seem like it,” Isacc muttered under his breath. Fox ignored him. The lion’s dark, rough den laid in front of them.
Fox barked,”Come out my friend! I have an acquaintance for you to meet!” Isacc knew what this was. A lion’s den. He slowly backed up and picked up a small rock beside him. The lion’s den seemed too dark to see any approaching threat. Two glowing eyes appeared. Isacc lost control and fear paralyzed him. BANG!
A gunshot the fox’s left paw and in the cave came out two hunters who were wearing the lion’s pelt. The fox howled in pain and flames came from his paws.
“Well, I guess we finally caught the spirit,” the tall hunter remarked. The short hunter took off the pelt and picked up the struggling creature.
“Let me go you mindless fools!” Fox yelled. With one more shot the creature faded away like smoke. The tall hunter rolled his eyes at the mischievous beast’s comment.
“What are you doing out here kid?” The short hunter question. Isacc explained to the situation to the hunters about why he went into the woods and the Fox’s lies. They nodded and asked if he understood why they tell these stories. Isacc was filled with shame and was hoping they would stop talking about his mistake. He was starting to tear up, but took a deep breath and calmed himself.
The hunters led him back to Blackwind village to see that the villagers were about to go on a search party with torches and pitchforks. No wonder why these things didn’t work on the fox. Fox was pretty much fire itself. Isacc spotted his mother and ran up to her with a huge hug.
“Darling where were you?” His mother asked with concern only to hug him tighter.
“The woods,” Isacc admitted. The shame of his mistake crawled back and he wanted to cry. If the hunters weren’t there to save him he would’ve died and never see his mother again.
“We thought you were hanging with your friends. Your father and I grew worried.”
“I know.”
Isacc cried a bit. Of course he was grounded. He couldn’t go out by himself for a long time, and wasn’t allowed to stay up late. The hunters told the story of the strange fox with Isacc just like the other stories. Isacc also spread the word of strange creature and his lucky escape. Isacc’s personality changed a bit. He became more cautious of his surroundings and thought more logically. Either way, he never went into the woods again.
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