she never wanted love, but the universe thought otherwise
The Boy Sent By The Universe
The New Boy I count the seconds in my head.
I always count down till my alarm goes off. I have nothing else to do considering I barely ever sleep, thanks to anxiety and books.
BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! my alarm screams at me. I slam my hand on the ‘snooze’ button and hide myself back into the cave of grey covers on my bed, everything in my room is grey; grey walls, grey desk, grey chair, all except for my curtains that are a bright sunny yellow.
“Morning, honeydrop! It’s time to wake up!”
I turn to look in the doorway, and sure enough, there stands my mother in a vibrant yellow dress that matches my curtains. My mom practically skips over to the window and opens the blinds, a bright, blinding light bursts through the window.
“Hissss!” I say dramatically, “your blinding me!” I cover myself with my blanket and peek at my mom from behind it. But my mom doesn’t seem to hear me. As usual, her happy-sunshine-rainbow force field is blocking her from my negative energy.
“It’s morning time!” my mom sing songs, “Up! Up! Up!”. I groan as my mom lifts the covers off me, and forces me out of bed. Two things you should know about my mom; One, she’s practically the most positive person alive, and Two, she gave birth to the most negative person alive: me.
“Okay! Okay! I’m up-jeez.” I say in a grumpy tone, pulling off the covers and stumbling out of bed.
“Awesome! Let’s get this morning started!” My mom cheers, Jumping up and down so that her short blonde hair bounces, “Your dad says he made you a special breakfast!”
“Great.” I say in a not-so-great tone.
“I gotta run to work! I packed your lunch with love! Don’t be late for your bus! Have an awesome first day!” My mom calls as she walks down the hall, but she soon runs back and raps me in a suck-tight hug. “I love you so much, Naomi.” She whispers in my ear before running back out the door while mumbling something under her breathe about being late.
I sigh. Here’s to my second year of junior high. I can’t help but hope this year will be better than the last.
“How do I look?” I ask my older brother Gavin. he’s eighteen and older than me by three years (I know because he tends to remind me every ten seconds). I have four older brothers in all; Jace is twenty two, Easton is twenty, Gavin is the third oldest, and Sawyer is the last and he’s sixteen.
“You actually look decent.” Gavin says, throwing his football in the air, and catching it as it comes down. Gavin is the best football player on the Newton Raptors Football Team, or at least, that’s what Gavin says.
“Thanks,” I say. I guess I do look better than usual; my light brown hair is straight and not poofy for once, the sun tanned my skin during the summer, giving it a tint, and my green eyes match my t-shirt perfectly, and to top it all off, my mom got me a makeup kit this summer so I used some mascara and blush (which, I’ll admit, I barely knew how to use.) I walk out of Gavin’s room, and start downstairs to the kitchen, where I find Sawyer already studying for his new advanced math class.
“Seriously Sawyer? I doubt you’ll have a test the first day.” I say, rolling my eyes. Sawyer is a genius. He’s already been moved up two years, and he’s probably going to end up going to Harvard Law School when he’s only seventeen.
“Mr. Scotche sent out an email to inform us that we have a test today,” Sawyer says, scribbling notes down on his notebook.
I roll my eyes, walking up to the kitchen table where my dad is sorting bills. “Morning Dad,” I say, searching the table for the “Special Breakfast” mom said he was making.
“Morning.” Dad mumbles back, signing a check.
“Uh. dad? Mom said you made me a special breakfast...” I start, sitting down on a kitchen chair. Though I don’t see any bacon, eggs, or pancakes anywhere.
“Oh yeah,” Dad says, pulling out a box of cereal from the cabinet and handing it to me.
“What’s so special about this cereal?” I demand. Dad turns the box over to reveal it’s label: ‘Special K, breakfast cereal’.
“Typical.” I say, grabbing a bowl.
Not long after I’d finished my “special” breakfast, brushed my teeth, and gathered all my school supplies into my backpack, I was out the door and heading to the bus stop.
My friends Katie and Colin were waiting for me. Out of all my friends, Katie is the closest. Her and I have been friends since Day care. I met Colin in the 2nd grade, and the three of us have been inseparable since then.
“Hey guys!” I say, announcing my arrival.
“Naomi!” Colin cheers, high-fiving me.
“Finally!” Kat says, “I’ve been waiting to show you my new haircut!” I suddenly notice that Kat’s ginger hair is super short and now in a pixie cut. You may think this would look weird, but somehow Kat makes it work.
“I love it, you look adorable,” I say, and Kat beams.
“Of course she does!” Colin says, and Katie blushes.
I’ve been friends with them so long that I sometimes forget they both have crushes on eachother. Colin fell for Katie when we were only nine, and I was the first person he told. Kat began crushing on Colin when we all turned ten, and she went straight to me. I’ve been trying to get them together forever, but they won’t budge.
“Can you feel the loooove tonight!” I sing song - teasing them. Colin turns bright red, and katie punches me....hard.
“Ow! Hey!” I retort, shoving Katie back.
Katie pulls me close and shout-whispers in my ear...
“Dude! I thought I told you to stop doing that!”
“What? It’s a new year, you guys could finally get together!” I respond, which is followed by more blushing....and punches.
“So, what are your goals for this new year?” Kat asks, as we finally choose a seat on the bus. Colin goes and sits by his other friend David Warren.
“I didn’t know we were supposed to have goals.” I reply, jerking forward as the bus stops.
“Of course we are,” Katie says, “And I know the perfect one for you,”
There’s a gleam in Katie’s eyes that I don’t like very much.
“Okay...What is it?”
“You need a boyfriend.” Katie Declares.
I laugh, only to realize Katie isn’t joking. “No way!” I say, shaking my head.
“Yes way!” Katie replies, “Come on girl! You said yourself that it’s a new year! You could finally get in a relationship!”
“But what if I don’t want a boyfriend?” I argue.
“So, you’re saying you would rather have a girlfriend? I’m fine with you being gay, but you probably should have told me-“
“-I’m not gay, Katie! I meant I would just rather not be in a relationship right now,” I say quickly, and Kat sighs.
“Whatever you wanna tell yourself. But I swear on my life that by the end of the year, I will have gotten you a boyfriend.” Katie declares confidently, as we both jerk forward at what must be a new stop.
“I don’t remember this bus stop from last year?” I wonder aloud.
“Naomi Haven Duchin you’re changing the subject!” Kat says. But I can barely hear her, because into the bus walks a very attractive boy with auburn hair and handsome blue eyes...
And he’s looking right at me.

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