Bryden and Jack
Bryden Doyle was a child on a street. The only child on a street.She had an older sister named Kayla. Kayla was 16, when Bryden was 11. When Bryden was 5,6,7,8,9, and 10, there was no one at her bus stop. But when she was 11, there was someone. A boy. Jack. A military kid, who often got in trouble for rebellious acts, he moved around a lot but thought that Dynamite circle would be where he would be for awhile, but caused trouble anyway, he didn’t know how to stop. The first week they both walked up to the bus stop, it was without a word. Silent.
Bryden Doyle was a brown haired, grayish blue eyed, tan-ish skined, and freckled nosed, simple girl. She loved to read, she had a wild imagination, and never gave up. She was hard working, and she lived a normal life. She lived on Dynamite circle, a place where only her, and her sister, were the kids. She wished for company, a boy, someone to grow up with, play silly games with, and eventually fall in love with, and have her love returned, and live together, happily, forever, he would be the boy on the street. But really, Bryden just needed someone to hang out with. Her wild imagination could get them into the kind of trouble she longed for. and they would laugh about it for ages. she would do it herself, but didn’t want to alone.
Bryden and her sister had a complicated relationship, one where screaming and fighting and arguing wasn’t uncommon, where provoking is asking for the other to get them juice. And their family wasn’t the best either. Arguing was something seen every night, and if there was no arguing or yelling or screaming, something must be wrong.
She had a dog named Rosie, who was a puppy and didn’t understand the concept of gentle play. or imagination. So running around in the backyard was unusual. But eventually, when Bryden was 7, she discovered her dog’s size, speed, strength, and stability, would be perfect for pretending. Bryden could do all the making-up. She started riding Rosie like a dragon in games, or a horse in others, sometimes Rosie was an alien creature who’s pure purpose, was to be rode. She stopped this when she was about 10, because Rosie became more of a cream puff dog, who didn’t want to get off the couch, maybe she wasted all her energy as a puppy, and was now a tired young sap.
Jack Marsh was an artistic person, with little imagination to spare. His father was Dave Marsh, military captain. This meant jack had to move a lot. He had 4 brothers, Brody, Tyson, Troy, and Brady. Jack was the middle kid, and the only one who hated his father’s job. The only one who didn’t act like a soldier. Jack learned not to get attached to one place, because eventually he would move. That is why he made no friends, and didn’t care about his reputation, so caused as much trouble as he could, painting on school walls, and graffiti in places where it wouldn’t matter.
Everyone in his family followed a routine. A different person, a different routine. His whole family acted the same. like soldiers, even his mother, who was as motherly as you could be. Everyone was always so sad when the Marsh’s moved away, they sad about everyone but Jack.
Jack was blondish boy, with grayish blue eyes, and a few, but not many, freckles. He was tan-ish, from time outside learning techniques and painting where he shouldn’t be.
He was careless, fearless, almost. he didn’t have any pets, because they would be to hard to move across the world. He often said “I am a me person, not a we person, I don’t deal with people, that are not me”.
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