A compilation of discontinued stories AKA: A cringe-worthy compilation:
A Book of Introductions.
Didn’t We Find Love?
A long time ago, there was a kingdom. The kingdom was called Sopinaritos. Sopinaritos was threatened and cursed by a powerful sorcerer, who thought true love and love at first sight and every thing else like that was real. He cursed the kingdom to be destroyed by many storms, if true love between unlikely people wasn’t found in five-hundred years.
The king and queen of that kingdom made the mistake of thinking that was a very long time. They told their heir of the curse, and their heir told his heir.
But sadly after a few more generations, the curse was forgotten. The land which Sopinaritos once was evolved with time. The kingdom and its’ surrounding villages and cities became a country, which was divided into states, and those states divided into counties. There were cities and towns that a portion of the population of the world lived in. People grew segregated, and united; time after time.
But with the curse forgotten, and unfulfilled, this land was about to be destroyed.
The destruction of the world began with storms of many types. Thunder, hail, hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, tornadoes, and cyclones all plagued the world, and know one knew why.
For all this time, as there were many people falling in love, anyone at all, the curse has not been fulfilled.
As these many storms occurred, many things were being destroyed. Homes and apartment buildings; schools and offices. Parks and forests were being destroyed. All sorts of landmarks and monuments were decaying quickly.
One night, at school, in the middle of the presentation of the musical; Into the Woods, a tree fell over, crushing the stage.
Jacob, forced to play the baker, when he’d rather be playing baseball; and Akia, who got the role of the baker’s wife, who wished that Jacob would be more cooperative were the two casualties. Their final words, were completely unheard by the audience.
Both children faded moments after one another, following the angels that led them away from the earth....
Akia woke up feet away from Jacob. As her vision cleared, she found that they were both lying in the middle of the woods. She couldn’t remember anything. Everything seemed normal, under these circumstances.
All she knew was that her, and her companion, Jacob, were headed towards Sopinaritos to buy enough medicine for their village. There was a plague going around there, and they were the only two people who hadn’t been affected.
Akia and Jacob needed to get enough medicine to cure their families before they died. But in order to get to Sopinaritos, they need to pass through this forest, alive.
When Jacob woke, and after his vision cleared, he saw Akia hovering over him. He sat up quickly and bumped heads with her.
“What happened?” He asked her, rubbing his head.
“I don’t know. I just woke up, maybe we just passed out, or...” Her voice trailed off. “I don’t know what else could’ve happened, but we should hurry. We only have a matter of days, and who knows how long we were unconscious. But I think I can see Sopinaritos. I think we’re close. We may get there in a few more days!”
Akia helped Jacob to his feet, and they both began running towards Sopinaritos.
Akia knew that they were being watched. But by what? A carnivorous animal? A beast of sorts? Another human? As they ran, the many possibilities traveled through her mind.
As they continued to run, Akia tripped over a tree root and crashed into Jacob. They both fell over and Akia landed on top of Jacob. After a few moments of catching her breath, they locked eyes for a moment too long. She blushed slightly as she got off of Jacob and helped him up.
She silently prayed he hadn’t noticed. Akia has had a slight crush on Jacob for a while now. Even though both of them were complete opposites, with traits that the other hated, Akia couldn’t help her feelings for him. But she assumed that Jacob hated her, and was only working with her, so he could save his family, too.
As Jacob and Akia ran through the woods, a growling sounded from behind them. Jacob made the mistake of stopping and looking behind him.
Behind him was a beast larger than he could’ve imagined. He stared at it for a second too long. The beast prepared itself to charge when Jacob began to run again.
“Akia! Keep running!” Jacob yelled to her.
“Why? What is it?” she said, turning around. Jacob saw in her face that she was trying not to scream, but she did anyway.
He had almost caught up to her when he had a foolish idea. “Akia, run as fast as you can to that tree. Climb it!” He ordered.
He stopped running and faced the beast that was meters away from trampling him. He stood on his toes and braced himself to jump to the side.
‘Hopefully Akia got high enough in the tree.’ he thought to himself.
As soon as the beast got close enough to impale him with its’ horn, he jumped to the side. The beast didn’t stop quick enough and crashed into the base of the tree that Akia was climbing. A sickening crack was heard, and moments later, the beast fell over, hopefully dead.
Akia jumped down from the tree, thankfully unhurt. He didn’t want anything to happen to her. For some time, he’s had a crush on her. If anything happened to her... ‘No,’ he thought. ‘You cant even think like that.’
“That was probably the stupidest thing to possibly do!” Akia yelled at him. “Do you really want to die?”
“Thanks, I’m fine.” Jacob replied.
“Ugh. You’re impossibly dense.” Akia said, pushing onwards.
Akia and Jacob didn’t stop traveling towards Sopinaritos. They were close enough that they could see it. They exchanged walking and running over different periods of time. They continued even through the night.
For almost two days, they evaded beasts and animals together, with many close calls.
Finally, they came steps away from the gates of Sopinaritos. Both of them were exhausted, and limping. As soon as the guards of the gate saw them, they rushed in to help them walk.
As soon as one of the two guards put his hand on her shoulder, Akia passed out.
Jacob woke up in a bed in an unfamiliar room. Across the room, Jacob saw Akia lying in a bed, still asleep. Jacob marveled at how peaceful she looked while sleeping.
Jacob silently cursed himself. It was very unlikely that Akia also had feelings for him. They were polar opposites. The chances of them ever being together were the same as making it back to their village in time after he was just sitting their looking at her.
He got out of the bed and walked over to Akia. He shook her gently until she awoke. They locked eyes for another moment, before Jacob spoke up.
“We should find the market place. We need to get that medicine. And also maybe borrow a horse to get back to our village quickly.”
Akia and Jacob searched frantically for someone who sold the medicine they needed. They needed some form of dragon root. Preferably enough for at least thirty people. They went from vendor to vendor searching for the medicine they needed. But they were supplied with no such luck.
Finally, they came to a merchant who tried to negotiate with them.
“So, Mr., do you happen to sell dragon root?” Akia asked the merchant.
“Possibly. How many cloves of it do you need?”
“We need at least forty cloves.” Jacob answered.
“Woah. That’s gonna cost you. How much are you willing to pay?” The merchant asked.
“Before we get into business, tell me; is dragon root common around here?” Akia questioned.
“No. That’s why it’s so expensive.” The merchant said, rolling his eyes.
“Well, we’re willing to pay fifteen copper pieces for every ten cloves.” Jacob said almost immediately. Akia stared at him blankly. That would equal a lot of money for forty, or even thirty cloves.
“So sixty copper pieces for forty cloves. That’s not nearly enough. Double it, and I’ll consider it.” The merchant said. “Also, I accept silver and gold pieces.”
“How about sixty coppers for thirty cloves?” Akia offered.
“Ninety for thirty cloves.” The merchant interrupted.
“Eighty-five coppers for thirty. Final. Deal.” Jacob stared intently at the merchant.
After a few moments, the merchant obliged. “Fine. Eighty-five copper pieces. For thirty cloves of dragon root.”
“Do you even have the dragon root?” Akia questioned.
“Yes, I do.” The merchant took out a box and opened it. Sure enough, there were cloves of dragon root in the box. The merchant began counting the root and putting them into a sack. Once he reached a count of thirty, he held his hand out for the payment.
Jacob handed him the many copper pieces for payment, and the merchant handed him the sack of dragon root. Jacob opened the sack to be sure that they hadn’t been cheated. Thankfully, it was the dragon root inside the sack.
“Now, I’ve one more question for you,” Jacob began. “Do you know where we can borrow a horse?” He asked with a mischievous glint in his eyes.
Jacob and Akia had their dragon root. They were almost all set. But Jacob just had to steal a horse. So, even though they were on their way home, with everything they needed, they were being chased by an angry man on a horse as well.
The two of them were being chased through the woods for miles. Through the quiet woods, they could easily hear the angry man’s yelling. Jacob and Akia, both on the horse both saw the angry man coming up behind them.
From behind Akia, Jacob talked in her ear.
“Jump off of the horse on three! One—”
“Trust me. Two.” Jacob closed his eyes, clutched the sack of dragon root, and wrapped his arms around Akia’s waist. “Three.” They both tumbled sideways off of the horse.
The angry man saw them jump, but didn’t see where they landed. He rode past them, as Jacob and Akia scrambled to hide.
From behind a large tree’s trunk, they both watched as the angry man approached his stolen horse, which had stopped trotting. He smiled, and with both of his horses, he headed back to Sopinaritos.
As soon as they were gone, Jacob and Akia came out of their hiding place.
Akia looked at him straight in the eye. “You are the Most. Insane. Human. To. Ever. Walk. This. Earth!” With every word she roughly pushed him backward. Before he knew it, his back was pressed against the large tree’s trunk. “What goes on in your mind, anyway? You’re just as wild as any beast that roams these woods, you know that right. Maybe yo—”
Akia was cut off by Jacob’s lips pressed against hers. When he pulled away, he looked in her eyes again.
“I hate you when you talk like that. Come on, we’re close to the village.”
Akia and Jacob didn’t talk much as they ran back to their village. Before they went to give people the dragon root, they agreed to make it into a tea.
So they boiled water from a nearby well and dropped some of the dragon root in it. Then, they split up, going into any house, and giving whoever was in the house some of the tea.
When they had given everyone some of the dragon root tea, they had some for themselves. Both of them agreed that it was the worst tasting thing ever. Hopefully, it would work as a cure to the plague.
Akia sat by Jacob’s side. They both sat near a fire that they made to keep warm. There was an awkward silence that neither of them had the courage to break.
Finally, Akia spoke up. “So, about that kiss—”
“Akia, I’m sorry. I-I couldn’t help myself. Can we pretend that it didn’t happen?”
“Why? I actually—I didn’t mind it.” She said very quietly.
“What? I didn’t he—” This time, Akia cut him off with a kiss. When they parted, neither of them said a word. They just sat together, in each other’s embrace, staring at the fire...
Akia woke up in a hospital bed. Just feet away, she saw Jacob. She wondered what happened. All she remembered was that they were performing their musical Into the Woods.
She looked out of the window. The skies were sunny and clear.
‘That’s weird,’ she thought. ‘Wasn’t it stormy?’
There was no constant rumble of thunder nor shaking from earthquakes.
One question ran through her head for the rest of the time she spent in the hospital:
What happened?
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