A Book Of Lives

Just some poems and songs that I thought up. They might not be any good.

Chapter 1: My Journey’s End (Shall I write a song?)
Chapter 2: Ocean (Trilogy)
Chapter 3: First the rain
Chapter 4: Roses
Chapter 5: On running
Chapter 6: Ghosts of Me
Chapter 7: The Madness of the Rose (haikus)
Chapter 8: Funeral (why are they smiling?)
Chapter 9: Regicide
Chapter 10: Who were you?
Chapter 11: The soldier girl
Chapter 12: Singer’s Ultimatum
Chapter 13: A singer, eclipsed
Chapter 14: Thank you for the wings (now I will not fall)
Chapter 15: Sing too much
Chapter 16: Heaven/Hell
Chapter 17: Touching Blue
Chapter 18: Red and blue
Chapter 19: Sun-dance
Chapter 20: Lies
Chapter 21: Freak (5 fingers)
Chapter 22: What is life? Does anyone know?
Chapter 24: Trust me
Chapter 25: Memories of forgotten things (Pt. 1)
Chapter 26: Labyrinth of the heart
Chapter 27: Cruel fate
Chapter 28: Sorry
Chapter 29: Running
Chapter 30: 399
Chapter 31: 400
Chapter 32: Diversion
Chapter 33: A year of fear (untold khafzitikh)
Chapter 34: The frozen moments of time (I will fall)
Chapter 35: Memories of forgotten things (pt. 2)
Chapter 36: Heads or Tails?
Chapter 37: The world may spin (four line rhyme thingy)
Chapter 38: Who really cares?
Chapter 39: Haikus
Chapter 40: Adder Please Come Back
Chapter 41: Act of kindness ever wasted
Chapter 42: What does it matter?
Chapter 43: Boxes
Chapter 44: Of wants and needs
Chapter 45: It’s fine. I’m fine. Of course. Yeah, sorry. Of course. No it’s okay. I promise.
Chapter 46: Among the stars
Chapter 47: Days like these
Chapter 48: Red wings of the blue sky
Chapter 49: Song for march rain
Chapter 50: April fever
Chapter 51: Freak (No fingers left)

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