A Composition-Based STORY
A Brave Act
A soft breeze swept through the air, swaying the leaves on the trees with a gentle rhythmic movement. It was a pleasant and windy afternoon.
The sound of bicycle wheels grinding against the tarmac was clearly audible. Clad in a navy blue blouse with fitted jeans, Sarah was riding her olive green bicycle across a stretch of a deserted park.
Aged twelve, Sarah was a pleasant-mannered and good natured girl. However she had a weakness. She had the tendency too be cowardly at times.
She was as calm as the sea. Little did she know what was going to happen then.
Then The most inconceivable happened. What was supposedly another usual day had turned out to be a dramatic one. She caught sight of a group of teenagers abusing a dog.
She was completely appalled. Her heart began palpitating wildly and her eyes widened in bewilderment. Should she be brave and save the poor dog which was being abused? What if the teenagers starts to hurt her? Millions of questions raced through her mind.
She decided that she would save the dog. She could not bear looking at the the dog crying profusely for help. She shoved between the teenagers and carried the light dog.
She was right. The teenagers started kicking and punching her. Blood started to ooze out of her skin. But she still protected the dog that was barking for help.
“Ah, someone help me please!” she shrieked-her voice tinged with horror.
One of the teenagers shoved hardly in her back. She stumbled forward but her years of taekwando training took over. Instinctively, waves of fury and bravery coursed through her veins. She had to fight. She had to overcome her fears. Breaking her fall into a smooth roll, she sprang up and dived for the teenager’s legs in a flying tackle. The teenager hurtled forward like a crashing tree.
Just as the other teenagers were coming for her clenching their fist, the siren of police cars could be heard reverberating through the air. The arrival of the police cars brought much relief to the situation.
“Hands up!” a police shouted. They quickly handcuffed the teenagers and brought them into the police cars. I learned that a passer-by heard me shouting and immediately drew out his hand phone and called for help.
The paramedics who arrived shortly after, stopped the bleeding by applying pressure on the wound They covered it with a clean, dry dressing.
The situation was brought under control. Calm was eventually restored.
The incident was an indelible one for Sarah-one that would remain etched in her memory foe a long time. It was a fragment of life experience that Sarah would never forget. She regretted being too brave and emerged from the incident a little wiser. She sealed the incident with the hope that such unpleasant moment would never occur again. As the saying goes:
“Life is filled with significant experiences that one can definitely learn from.”
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