A Choose your own story
A Camping Trip
Chapter 1 (If you don’t understand the Choose your own story aspect of this book, read the Chapter note)
Your room is warm and cozy and it smells of Cinnamon. Warm, sparkling beams of sunlight light up the room and you wake up yawning and stretching.
Suddenly, your eyes drift to a red backpack overstuffed with sunscreen and Cheez-its. You jump out of bed when you realize it’s the day of the camping trip!
Your dark brown hair gets pulled into a bun and you jump into a t-shirt and a pair of baggy sweatpants.
“Sam?” Calls a voice from downstairs. It’s mom. “Are you ready yet? The bus is about to come!”
“Yes, I’m ready!” You say and fling your backpack around your shoulders and race down the stairs.
Your mother is smiling and waiting patiently by the door with a baggie with a waffle in her left hand. She hands you the waffle and pulls you into a warm hug.
“I thought maybe you’d want some breakfast for the bus ride.” She says and pulls away from the hug.
“Thanks.” You say and stuff the waffle into a mesh pocket in your back pack. Suddenly, you feel sick to your stomach. Three Weeks away from home? That’s a long time!
A loud screeching noise indicates the bus is here and you and your mother hug one last time before stepping inside the yellow bus packed with campers.
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