The Parents are gone for the whole summer!
A Certain Camp
A Camp For Parents?
“YES!!!” Godiva screamed, she and her friend Tuzi had just heard the best news ever!
Godiva has brown hair and brown eyes. She absolutely loves adventure and shopping. Tuzi has purple hair and black eyes. Tuzi absoultely love adventure and reading. Godiva and Tuzi loved skateboarding down side walks.
Tuzi and Godiva were neighbors and there parents had just told them they were going away for an all summer camp for adults. “You mean we have the whole summer to our selves!” the girls exclaimed at the same time.
As they walked out of the room, Godiva had an idea,”Lets think of what we can do for the summer, sense we have it all to ourselves,” Godiva said, “We could go skate boarding.”
“I know what we can do! My parents built a treehouse for the whole neighborhood, we can play in that.” Tuzi suggested.
“Tuzi, thats a great idea!”, seriously, Godiva loved it.
As they were skateboarding down the sidewalk, Mink and Cody came skateboarding up in front of them, “Did you know that all of the adults are going to the same camp for the whole summer!” Cody literally screamed
Mink had freckles, dark blue hair and midnight blue eyes. Cody had brown hair and brown eyes. Mink and Cody loved the same exact things, sports, video games, the unknown, the outdoors, adventures, no rules, and school.
“What was that?” asked Godiva
“Seriously Cody,” said Mink, laughing her head of, “What he said is that every adult in the neighborhood is going to the same camp for the whole summer.”
As Godiva stood still, stunned, Tuzi said, “Seriously?”
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