The good take their final breath
A Dark
New Mystery
“First of all, you may not even know what WSDA means. Well, it stands for the Wild Scavengers Detective Agency. They are a group of kids, that live in this treehouse... Agh! No no no no no, Rennay, stop the recording!” I shouted as the camera fell out of my hands as I swerved towards the treehouse and my head crashed into the wall.
“Kyle, what were you thinking? Recording us is not a good idea! We are a secret club, right Rennay?” Lewis said.
“Well, how else would anyone know who we are?” I grumbled.
“They aren’t supposed to know! For goodness sake, Kyle, don’t you know anything?!” Lewis cried.
“Yeah. The government came by earlier this morning asking for a recording of the treehouse and stuff so they had proof that we really did solve all those mysteries and so that we can become part of the government.” I crossed my arms and looked up at him, waiting for an answer.
“Well why didn’t you say so? We have to get started recording!” Lewis grabbed the camera and started zooming all around the treehouse, grabbing photos and fingerprint tests and whatever he could find to show the government.
“I don’t get why they can’t just come over here and look for themselves. Lewis is giving me a headache.” I groaned. Rennay shrugged.
“Maybe they thought we’d lay a trap or something.” She wrinkled her forehead. That’s usually what she does when she is thinking really deep.
“Or they just can’t get off their fat lazy-“
“Wait don’t say it!” Rennay shouted, laughing. “I already know what you’re going to tell me!”
“Bums.” I finished. Rennay started laughing even more, then regained her serious face.
“Just remember not to say that too loud,” she whispered in my ear. “the government could have spies watching us.”
“Aroooo!” Came a loud, wavering howl.
“Hey Zippy! Who’s my good little wolfie?” I said, ruffling Zippy’s smooth gray fur.
“Fred! Fred! Wake up, you have to feed Zippy! And we’re doing a recording for the government, you don’t want them to see you drooling in your sleeping bag, do you?” Rennay called. She adjusted the owl feather in her headband, that rested on top of her long, chocolate-colored hair.
“Hubba-wha?” Fred yawned, rolling out of his sleeping bag and stretching his arms and feet.
Fred had curly black hair and very pale skin. He was still wearing his pajamas, while the rest of us were all in our white and navy blue WSDA uniforms.
“What do you wa-a-a-a-nt?” Fred asked with another big yawn.
“You have to feed Zippy!” I reminded him. Fred slowly got to his feet and started walking lazily towards the shed, where he would find a bag of dead animals like voles and rabbits to feed to our awesome wolf.
“Hey Rennay!” I called to her. “Where is Marigold?” Marigold is a girl with shoulder-length wavy blond hair, deep blue eyes, and a very sneaky, sly kind of person, always looking for trouble.
Me? Well, I am the redhead around here, with a pile of what looks like flames sitting on top of my head. Everyone here always jokes around and asks if my head is on fire. I have a colony of freckles sprinkled all across my nose.
Lewis is, well, he’s hard to explain. Lewis is kind of a natural leader, he’s really tough, and can sometimes really make you mad. He has darkish-brown skin and and a really dark, crazy mess of hair. He’s really nice and awesome at the same time.
In WSDA, we all have our part. I am usually the distraction, or worse, the spy that goes right up to the enemy or whoever will give us good information. Most likely I get caught and tied up awaiting rescue from my friends, or given a lecture by an angry adult. You may not think so, but usually the lecture is the worse part.
Rennay is the note taker, usually the brains around here. She’s really good at cracking codes and riddles and all that good stuff.
Marigold is the sneaky spy, the kind that is let down by a rope and into a building like the movies. She is the one who gathers the evidence and yeah, basically that’s her.
Fred is the type of boy who is scared of everything except wolves. He doesn’t like getting up close to the baddies, so we kind of let him test fingerprints and help study evidence and clues and so on.
Lewis? Well, he doesn’t do much. He mostly orders us around and gives us help on what we are doing. Like I said, natural leader. He’s pretty cool, and keeps the group together, no matter the circumstances.
WSDA-we are a team.
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