Sometimes even babies need a hero.
A Different Kind of Superhero
Meet Miriam
Miriam Taylor walked into the hospital where she worked at. She had just begun her job two weeks ago. She had heard her friends from college say that adjusting to their new jobs was hard. But not for Miriam. Ever since she was a girl, she knew that she would be a neonatal nurse. But Miriam didn’t want to be just any nurse. She wanted to be a nurse who could make a difference in the lives of babies and their families. She wasn’t planning on being a hero. But being a hero was not too hard, especially when there are lots of people who appreciate it.
Ever since birth, Miriam had loved babies. She was always friendly towards other babies. When she was a toddler, she loved her baby dolls. And as she grew older, her love for babies grew also. By the time she was eleven, she knew exactly what she wanted to be- a neonatal nurse. Miriam had four younger brothers and sisters, so she had plenty of practice taking care of babies. She also was the best babysitter in her town, so she was always caring for infants. She had a few role models: her older sister, Sarah who was at the time in college, studying to be a neonatal nurse. Also, Miriam looked up to Jamie White, one of the best neonatal nurses in America. Miriam started studying subjects that would help her knowledge grow. When she went to high school, she was always at the top of her class in those subjects. She graduated high school with honors, being mentioned of her interest in nursing. She was immediately accepted into one of the best medical colleges in America. She graduated with high honors and “cum laude”. She was also voted the best neonatal nurse graduate in America.
After college, her resume was immediately accepted and here she was now, two weeks into her new job, and loving it. Miriam, her parents, and Sarah knew that it was meant to be. They knew she had a talent to work with babies, ever since she was a little girl. They knew she could be a hero, and save the tiny lives who couldn’t take care of themselves.
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