By storylovertopia
A Different View
My name is Summer Fitzgerald and I live with mum, dad, Princess (my dog) and sometimes granny.
Other than home, my favourite place is the beach. That’s where I am right now with my friends Tasha and Emmalee. They’re surfing without me, having all the fun. The thing is, I can’t surf.
Tasha learned to surf when she was eight and she taught Emmalee in the holidays. While I was at debating camp. Dad had signed me up for it. Since I don’t know how to surf, Tasha and Emmalee have always made fun of me.
Tomorrow is my first day at my new school. My new high school. I’m actually really nervous.
Tasha and Emmalee come back to shore carrying their surfboards. “Summer missed out on all the fun!” Tasha exclaimed.
“Who cares?” Emmalee laughed. They both burst into giggles. Tasha, Emmalee and I are spending a day at the beach by ourselves before school starts tomorrow.
Tasha’s jet black hair is all wet but her green eyes are still sparkling. She’s always the prettiest. And the nicest.
Emmalee came in third grade. Tasha and I were best friends, but Emmalee liked Tasha more than me and she became Tasha’s best friend. They like teasing me and making fun of me. And calling me things like ‘dummy.’ I’ve got used to it. Besides they’re my only friends, so I don’t have much choice.
Emmalee’s got this chocolate brown hair that she usually leaves down like Tasha. They’ve both got loose curls.
My hair is short and a light blonde colour. Tasha and Emmalee both think my hair looks silly and I should grow it. But mum takes me to the hairdresser to get a haircut often so it’s impossible.
“Hey, let’s go the the fish and chips shop,” Emmalee suggested.
We all walked across the pavement. “You guys are all invited to my slumber party,” Tasha exclaimed.
“The theme will be fluro. Omg Emmalee, we have to go shopping. We have to look the best!” Tasha exclaimed.
“Just us,” Emmalee insisted.
“Yes. Just us,” Tasha said.
As I thought. They left me out. AGAIN.

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