A Drop of Poison
Just a drop
A young lady strode around the room. Her flawless pale and neatly gloved hand, swept across the immense table as she passed. In her other hand she held a vial. A vial containing the most wicked liquid any man has seen. Poison. Quickly and quietly she snatched a wine bottle and muttered to herself.
“Just a drop.”
She put the wine on the table, careful not to make a noise. She brought the vial close to her face to look at it in the moonlight. She swished the yellow liquid around.
The young mistress opened the vial and tilted it over the wine bottle. A single drop fell in. She pulled away and gently closed the vial.
“No one will kill you my dear.” She closed her eyes and let out a quiet breath. “I will keep you safe.”
Sandra went through her plan again.
One more drop than the day before, everyday. He will become immune to the poison. She would not be a widow again.
Sandra woke up, feeling tired. Her maid sat by her, knitting a sock. “Good morning Mrs. Enret.” She said putting her things down. “Which dress would you like today? The blue, or perhaps, the grey?”
“I will wear the grey.” Sandra rasped. She cleared her throat. “Sorry. Could you please open the curtains, and the windows too?”
“Of coarse.” The maid scurried to the window. She pulled back the large velvet curtains and pushed open the windows. Birds sang outside and a dog barked in the distance.
Sandra stood up and let the maid put on her clothes, then she walked to the opened window.
She scanned the sidewalk under her window. Two people, who she recognized as Mr. and Mrs. Benally, where walking close together, but made no attempt to keep from being overheard.
“.......that Sandra, remarried such a awful person.” Mrs. Benally exclaimed.
“Oh yes my dear, she is a clever girl, but I doubt she knows all he’s done.” Mr. Benally commented.
“I’m afraid not. Everyone seems to be far too scared to tell her anything. How long until she finds out, do you think?”
“Any day now I presume.” Mr. Benally made a show of fixing his tall hat and looked straight at her under his brim.
After that suspicious exchange, Sandra was too shocked to step away and avoid being seen. Find out what?
“I do pray for the girl. She is quite a nice one. If she gets murdered, it wouldn’t be just I who would be sorrowful.” Mrs. Benally’s voice grew quieter as the couple moved passed the house on their way and Sandra couldn’t hear any more of their conversation.
Gets murdered?_He wouldn’t do anything to harm me. What a bunch of hogwash.
That day at dinner.....
Sandra cleared her throat. Impatience gnawing at her stomach. Mr. Enret looked up from his food.
“Wine, my dear?” She asked him.
“Oh, yes please.” He replied. Sandra stood up. “Oh, let the maids do it, love.” She sat back down. The maid hustled to the wine cabinet and took the bottle to pour some for her master.
“Would you like some Mrs. Enret?” Yes? No?
“Yes please. Just a bit.” She bit her lip. What if it’s not enough and it doesn’t work? What if he drinks too much and kills him?
“Cheers to my beloved wife!” Mr. Enret spoke happily. There was a clang when the cups touched. He put the cup to his lips.
“Cheers.” Sandra tried to smile. She tried to calm herself down.
Without taking a drink, Mr. Enret spoke.
“Is there something wrong my dear?” He put his cup down.
“Oh, no.. I was, I was thinking about Mama, I miss her so!” She lied sadly.
“She will be quite alright. We can visit next week.” He put the cup to his lips and took a drink.
Sandra winced as he poured the entire cup into his mouth.

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