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A Family Gathering
“Mom!!” Catherine yelled. “Aunt Carol is here!” Catherine’s insides quaked at the sight of her Aunt. Her Aunt was a wild tigress, like her mother, but her Aunt was scratched and scarred from living in the wild. Catherine went upstairs with her cousin Scratchara as her Aunt started bickering with her mother.
“Hello, Meowlody. Nice to see your house is in shape.”
“Carol, we’ve been over this...”
“Look, Meowlody. At least I’m still a proud supporter of my family name. I’m not the one who married a house cat.”
“Well I don’t care Carol! Nobody else but me knows that you aren’t full tigress!”
“Meowlody don’t even...”
“Nobody knows you’re part human.”
Catherine and Scratchara were taken aback. Human? Aunt Carol could never be human....
But they watched in shock as Aunt Carol turned into a cat human. She looked sad on her feet. “Meowlody, look at me. I’m ugly and horrible.” Meowlody pouted. “No you aren’t, you’re just different.” Carol turned back into a tigress and they hugged then went into the kitchen.
Scratchara and Catherine were still stunned. They decided to see if Scratchara was part human too. She did the same moves her mother did. Suddenly a giant light blasted through the room. A beautiful cat-girl stood there.
“IT WORKED?!” Scratchara yelled. She ran down to show her mom, but Catherine stopped her. “They’ll know we’ve been eavesdropping!” She growled. Scratchara considered it. “I’ll take the risk.” She said, then took a deep breath and ran down, yelling “MOOOOMMM!”
Carol stared. She gasped. She growled. “SCRATCHARA! YOU’VE BEEN EAVESDROPPING?” Scratchara nodded. She tilted her head at her mother. “But don’t I look beautiful?”
“You’re a disgrace.” Carol said. “I never wanted you to know.” She turned away coldly, and she walked away.
Scratchara was heartbroken. She turned around, crying. She ran away. Her mother fumed in the corner. Meowlody was uncomfortable. “Water? Milk?” She offered to no one in particular. Her husband grimaced in the corner.
“Well, Carol. That was quite the move. You scared your own daughter-“
“Leave me alone Meowlody.”
“-Now your daughter is afraid to be herself-“
“-Just great, Carol. Just great.”
Carol scratched her sister’s face. Meowlody fell on the floor from shock. She growled. A whole fight started, right there in the kitchen!
Scratchara and Catherine gasped as they saw the fight going down. Catherine’s dad tried to stop it, but it was no use.
Finally, Carol had pinned Meowlody to the ground. “You....filthy....DISGRACE!!” She yelled. She scratched her sister one last time, then turned. “Come on, Scratchara. Let’s go.”
Scratchara growled. “NO!” She yelled. She turned into a human. Her mother did to. A fist fight started. Catherine watched. She twitched. No one noticed.
She flailed her arms. No one noticed.
She thrashed around. No one noticed.
She screamed. Everyone turned. A blinding light.
“HOLY CATNIP!” She yelled. “I’M A HUMAN TOO?” It was true. Catherine had turned into an insanely beautiful cat-girl. Her mother gaped.
“There’s no way-“ Meowlody started. But it was true.
“Everyone just please stop the fighting. Families don’t fight, we work things out. We love each other, even if one is different than the other, or one loves another that someone else might disapprove of. We’re not all the same.”
Everyone teared up. “That was beautiful.” Carol whispered.
Everyone apologized to everyone else, and they sat down and ate some cheese and fish.
All was well.

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