A cute story of star-crossed lovers
A Friendly Game of Chess
She had just walked in to the bar, when a burly dwarf had nearly knocked her down. “Hey! Watch it!” she exclaimed. But he paid no attention to the angry little elf.
Later on, as she was sitting at the bar, drinking her ale, when the exact same freaking dwarf ran into her. Her drink had splashed over her white dress, staining it a muddy brown.
She was fed up. She was done. She turned around to face the annoying dwarf. “Okay. Will you please stop. I am so done right now!” she shouted. The dwarf just laughed. Then, she challenged him to a duel.
But not just any duel. A chess duel. The annoying dwarf accepted. He was certain he could win against a pathetic little elf girl. But elves are known for their outstanding brains, so we should just assume our dwarf friend had one too many drinks.
Of course, the elf won. But the dwarf, being foolish, asked for a rematch. And so it went for the whole night. And that night, they grew closer. Every night, they met up at that bar to play chess, becoming friends, then lovers.
But elves and dwarves were forbidden to marry, and both had to keep their love a secret. But before long, they couldn’t help it, and they eloped.
But the elf girl was the daughter of a very important elf. They thought the dwarves had kidnapped her, and the elves declared war on them. When the unlikely pair heard this, they were worried. They decided to go to her father and explain everything.
But when they arrived, the elves had already set out to war. Our brave little elf decided to go out and find her father. She and her love raced out to the battlefield, and stood there and explained everything. The dwarves and the elves were shocked, but both consented to their marriage. After that, the dwarves and elves formed a strong bond, and have not fought since.
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