A Good Day in Hell
The New One
“So why are you here? I surely don’t belong here.”
I know what you’re thinking. Cliché from a mile away. But first impressions matter to me. I haven’t made a good one so far. I kid you not though, that was exactly what she said. Newbies. Ugh.
“You’re screwing it up. Just shut up and follow me.”
“We’re already dead. Why does it matter?”
“Do you want to go further down?”
“Heat rises. Satan screwed up with that.”
“That smart little attitude of yours is what got you here.”
“You don’t know me!”
“Nice one,” I scoffed, “I’ve heard better though.”
Sigh. She’s not the first. And will never be the last. I hope she learns. I may be a sociopath, but if she does learn the ropes of Hell, I can finally be left alone for a bit.
“Yes, Maurie?”
“Shouldn’t we be burning? I braced myself, Jamie. I really did. I was afraid.”
“I offer no sympathy.”
“Sociopath. You’re an awful person.”
“Medically diagnosed.” I smiled, which made her cringe. I was shot in my mouth and every time I grin, blood flows like a waterfall. Usually, I would spit it out on the ground like those stupid seventh graders I killed. But today, the liquid velvet went right into her face.
It certainly was a good day in Hell.
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