A great halloween summer
Planing summer ... in october?
One day of october is a opportunity to plan school or a awosome vacation but today in the morning
_Hello sweetie ready to start
_Yes iḿ ready . Let´s start were are we gonna to go?
_Were gonna to start our summer vacation
_What? start a summer vacation on halloween
_But... Why?
_Beacuse now is more cheap
_So lame and mom is halloween you go for candy not for go to summer and is cold .
_Awww hurry up there are only one more week before halloween
I stand up then my mom say
_Yea thats my brave girl
_were is my bag
_In youre bed i put it here
_Give me a minute
I go out my mom say to me that the clothes that i´m wearing are not the appropite to our vacation but is cold here is a example
So we start the journey i pack a bubble gum, a journal, clothes , tooth paste, tooth brush, shampoo , soap, and a brush(for the hair)
The personal of the hotel look surprised so one janitor ask to me
_Do you don´t have to be on school?
_Is diferent in this case
_O mom ideas?
If i rember supposedly i´m in a chastisement in school but my mom asked to the teacher to let me go for a chastiement in home the teacher is not so shure but he say yes and give to mom a turture video for the chastisement and we are hearing it whit a lot of ¨mom veter ways¨youst here: If the kid say no to writing the mensage ¨If i´m bad i have to eat mashmellows ¨only 1 time... Do you read the thing of the mashmellows and only copy one time is one of the mom veter forms so i start writing in the diary

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