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A Hole in Time
The Mansion
I skip up the side of the road onto the sidewalk. I am heading to school and for the first time I am walking there myself. I turn left, and all of a sudden, I’m lost.
Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea...
I look around and try to find someone to ask for directions. I see this mansion, so I knock on the door. No one answers, but I think I hear some... movement. I turn the knob. Locked. Of course. Just as I’m about to leave, I turn around and kick open the door. “Hi-yah!” I say as I do it. The lock bursts and the doors opens. Works every time.
I go inside. “Hello?” I cry. “Hello...” I cry again. No one’s here, but I can hear someone, or something. I open a door and see all the normal objects, that look sort of, weird. I see a coffee making machine making something, but not coffee. I taste it. Berry Lemonade. I look on the bottom of the machine and it says G0448230.
Then I to another room. There is a computer and a printer. I look at the computer and try to log on, but apparently I need to type in the password. I type in the code I saw on the machine, and suddenly a pop up ad says, “Acess Granted by Hack”. A billion thoughts blow up in my head. Did I just hack a computer?
Suddenly, another pop up ad comes up saying 2032. I click the x and the table starts to beep. I am instantly sucked under the table. I look on the ceiling. G0449230. Of course. This is an elaborate machine too. The beeping stops and I start to get dizzy. Suddenly, I feel like I disappear, if you know what that feels like. But where am I going?
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