Breezearea’s Lake Cattails
Ibtissam picked a cattail plant from the cattails around the lake
the bright morpho-butterfly-shaded blue lake.
With bare feet
she steps onto the wet rock
and lifts her dress up.
With her closed eyes and her calm face
she turns to the tiny frog
sitting on a lily pad
as brown as mud.
A family of turtles
standing on a log in that lake
watch in wonder as she moves the water
with her own strong wind she sends out her body
that carries the frog
across the field of cattails
into the forest
leading it safely to its family at a pond.
When Ibtissam had returned to her village
she saw the people
moving water
moving ice
moving dirt
moving grass
all with wind from their own bodies —
just like her
just like everyone else.
But not animals
they were normal
they cannot fly
only birds
they cannot breathe underwater
only fish
they cannot do both
only amphibians.
Neither can humans do the same
everything else stood the same in this world.
Ibtissam had won a green flower necklace
a green flower belt
for bravery
a green flower hair tie
for kindness
all at once
for saving a koala
from a wild animal
and keeping it
and yet
she wasn’t the best at blowing air
in her Breezearea planet
but she did it all
from a lake’s cattails.
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