A Leap Of Faith
Hanging by a thread of life, just feet over the raging river, my now limp body slowly swung around. My eyes tightly shut, I let out a breath, to make sure my rapidly beating heart, now in my throat, would not fly out my mouth. If I lived, this would be my first and last New Years resolution to follow through on. This was all my friend Teresa’s idea, curse her and her hairbrained ideas.
“Start off the New Year doing something adventurous not just reading about adventurous things,” she had said. “If you do something you find scary, then taking the leap to give your dream job a try will be easier in comparison.”
The woman darn near killed me! You can’t become a writer if you’re dead.
“WOOOO! You’re a writer babe!” Yelled my now ex-friend from her safe secure spot on the bridge.
“Oh no! I’m a freaking librarian and you are going to jail for attempted murder!” I screamed back at her.
Teresa had the gall to laugh loudly. It echoed all around me.
“Open your eyes!” Yelled the bungee guy, Rick, who would surely be facing charges as an accomplice to my almost death.
“Get me down from here!” I yelled.
“Admit you’re a writer, woman!” Yelled my ex-friend, Teresa.
“I-am-A- Librarian!” I yelled.
Another man’s voice told me I needed to open my eyes. I carefully peeked out of one eye and saw the boat below me with my new hero reaching toward me. I realised I was being lowered. I reached for the man’s hand with my shaking hand. He slowly pulled me into the boat and helped me sit down since my legs decided to do an impression of two wet spaghetti noodles.
“I’m going to unhook your harness from the bungee cord now,” my knight in shining armor explained. I think I have literally fallen in love with this stranger who saved me and was bringing me back to land.
“Did you have any fun jumping?” My hero asked.
“Yes, I did,” I answered. Not realising I had just outright lied to the most beautiful green eyes I had ever seen. He seemed to laugh.
When I was safely on land my hero and his friend helped me sit down on a bench by the river.
“You have a good day now,” my hero said.
“You too,” I replied.
Then my murderous friend showed up and hugged me. Probably trying to strangle me.
“I’m so proud of you Faith! You did it. Now you can do anything you want. It’s a whole new beginning for you,” said Teresa.
“I could have died! Do you know how traumatic that was? I’ll be staying at the library thank you,” I said.
“Faith, come on. Look up there,” Teresa said as she pointed to the spot we had stood on the bridge. “You bravely jumped from way up there, even though you were terrified. If you can do that you can sit at a silly desk and give writing a go. You are a talented writer.”
“I love being a librarian. I’m good at it,” I said.
“You love it because it’s easy and comfortable for you. Let me ask you this, would you rather go back up on that bridge and jump off again tomorrow, or give writing a try?” Teresa asked.
“Write,” I said trying not to smile. “I can tell you right now, I will never ever go bungee jumping again!”
“You tried it though. Now give writing a try. You can always go back to being a librarian full time if writing isn’t for you,” said Teresa.
“Yeah,” I sort of agreed. I knew she was right but I wasn’t going to fully admit it. I loved to write, but it was easier and more comfortable to just be a librarian.
“Are you still going to press charges on me for attempted murder, or do I get to walk free for trying to be a good friend?” Asked Teresa. “Just so you know, walking free involves me buying you a coffee.”
“You are free to go...this time!” I said. “However, you may be receiving my therapy bills in the future.”
I was finally able to stand on steady legs. We headed toward the parking lot.
“So, what are you going to do tomorrow?” Asked Teresa.
“Finish reading a very exciting book I’m in the middle of,” I said.
“Faith, you are going to write a very exciting book tomorrow,” said Teresa.
“Maybe,” I said. Truthfully trying to become a writer would be a lot tougher, more work, and take a lot longer than it took me to jump off that bridge.
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