Abby ran away from her home. She must find her way back in The Seeking...
A Long Walk Home
Chapter 1: Lost
Abby’s feet crackled the dry leaves and bark that had fallen. The air smelled like water-touched fern and steamed milk. Abby sighed. Julius scrambled up a tree encased in soft, green fungus. She laughed. Julius was always begging for something. But Abby always knew what he wanted. Gently, she placed a dark cocoa bar into the chimp’s hand. Julius ran down the tree, aching to run freely and scream like the monkey he was. It would be a long walk back to shelter.
It all started when Abby, at age 11, had run away from home. She knew her parents would send out a search party when Abby wouldn’t be in her bed, snugly tucked into a down comforter. Abby had grabbed many essentials, including the leather-bound factual book her father had been writing for years called, “Edible Plants and How to Find Them.” Also, she had grabbed a sleeping bag, three full ropes, and cords, food to last her at least 5 days, tree climbing and fire starting supplies, and of course, her deerskin satchel she had gotten for her birthday that year. Now it was 4 years since that happened.

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Back to Shelter

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