~He came to me with the sweetest smile~
A Lost Boy Now
He is still alive.
I know it, I just know it.
I can feel it inside my bones that he is still alive. I don’t care what the doctors or the nurses say.
‘’Hey brat,’’ Tyler came up behind me and punched my shoulder.
‘’Oh. Hi,’’ I plainly looked away.
‘’I brought you your favorite food!’’ he sang.
I glanced at him sadly and crossed my arms, swinging back around in my chair.
Tyler’s shoulders sagged and he sighed, placing the bag away.
It sat next to three more of the same thing. All lined up, rotting in the dark room.
I wasn’t hungry anymore.
‘’Dad got you a pillow so you won’t have to sleep in a chair anymore,’’ he coughed.
‘’I don’t want a pillow,’’ I snapped.
Tyler huffed and tugged his sweatshirt tighter. ‘’I’m just trying to help you out here Rumi.’’
‘’The only thing that’ll help me is that he wakes up,’’ I sniffled.
My oldest brother opened his mouth and then shut it tightly. Nothing to say now.
‘’He’ll pull through. Don’t worry,’’ he tried.
‘’Yeah well what if he doesn’t. Then what am I supposed to do?’’ I sharply breathed in.
Tyler didn’t have an answer.
I didn’t have an answer.
Dad didn’t have a answer either.
It was all up to my best friend. Literally my best friend in the entire world. The world.
I know he is still alive.
I don’t care what the nurses of the doctors say.
I know it. I just know it.
Henlo readers,
I want to start a new story that’s been circulating in my mind for a few days now. It’s going to involve the next few things:
Hehe not gonna tell.
(Doesn’t Dab) and runs away.
Thanks for reading, you guys are amazling!
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