what did the sabotager really want?
A Musical Distraction
Part One
In the town of Soft Choir, a homely and distant nineteen forties style city, the only detective agency to provide for the rare mysteries that occur was Ryan Marie Smith. Her unique talent of ultra-speedy legs that slickly frolic and her superior work ethic granted her a spot in the Ryan Marie Smith Security Agency, which she founded herself. And the only employee was herself.
Down the street about an acre from Ryan’s Agency, there lay Shaun’s Music Warehouse, which sold, well instruments. But never offered lessons. Ever. Shaun Jr, the twenty two year old college dropout who was manager didn’t obviously inherit his father Shaun’s musical teaching techniques. Shaun Jr. was a quite laid back yet sharp eyed type.
Ryan’s brown and black streaked curls bounced playfully as she pondered about what she should wear to her next investigation. Fierce blazer or sleek detective dress? (If there was a “next” investigation. Crimes rarely happened.)
Then, the phone rang violently. She snatched it with a flick of her wrists.
“Hello, Ryan-“ She started.
“Yes I know who you are, Ms. Detective. This is Shaun’s Music Warehouse and some violins are missing. The cases have been open and the windows are broke. Somebody blasted my computer and damaged my whole freaking property. They’re probably jealous of our high in demand instruments, no doubt.” Ryan was slightly confused at Shaun’s extensive complaint. Why would the violins be stolen if a sabatoger wanted a sabatoge? Isn’t it useless to create a sabatoge and a heist? If the criminal wanted the violins, wouldn’t he have been caught if he created such a scene quicker? A messy criminal, no doubt. A messy, inexperienced criminal.
“I’ll be there as soon as I can.”
Ryan headed over. When she burst in, everything was settled into place, the violins were there, and the cellos as well. Well, well, Shaun probably fixed it all up all ready. Maybe he’s not as lazy as I thought.
She called for the manager.
The shop was empty.
She heard the door click behind her.
She was locked in Shaun’s Music Warehouse.
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