A New Home, A New Life
New Enemies
Vanessa’s View
She was skipping downstairs for breakfast. Just realizing the time, Vanessa Froster Quire grabbed a piece of toast and skipped at the front door, allowing her mother to give her a fleeting hug.
At the bus stop Vanessa was really excited. Her auburn hair flew out behind her as the wind blew. Unfortunetly, the first people Vanessa met were the Queen Stars.
In another words, the most popular and meanest girls ever.
“Hey!” The ‘leader’ said, whose name was Marietta. “Who are you?”
“I’m Vanessa.”
“What’s your full name?” asked another girl, Brittney.
“Vanessa Froster Quire.”
“Why’s your name so weird?” asked the last girl, Mackenzie.
“Well,” Vanessa said, as she was used to this, “You’ll have to ask my mother and father that. They were the ones who named me, after all.”
“Well, your mom and dad must have been really mad to call you Froster. “Hey, does anyone ever call you Frostie?” Mackenzie asked.
“Well, then, that’s what your nickname is. Frostie, do you want us to show you around the school?”
“Well, I’m supposed to meet the principal, then after that I have classes, so no-hey!”
“Are you going to make time for us?” Brittney hissed in Vanessa’s ear, as Vanessa was now pushed up against the wall. “Are you?”
“You’d better,” Marietta hissed also, “as you don’t want us as your enemies.”
“Maybe I do,” Vanessa said.
“What?” Mackenzie asked, violent.
“Maybe I do,” Vanessa repeated.
“Why?” Brittney whispered fiercely.
“As you said I don’t want to be your enemies,” Vanessa said, regaining her courage and logic, “that means you want me to be your friend. But, what if I don’t want to be friends with people whose names’ are smug and fancy?”
Marietta leaned in close.
“Say that again.”
“As you said-“
“No, your last sentence.”
“But, what if I don’t want to be friends with people whose names’ are smug and fancy?”
“Then, you will get a taste of my wrath!” Marietta said. Before Vanessa coulddo anything, she felt a closed fist hit her ear.
“Oi! What do you think you’re doing?” A boy’s voice shouted.
“Oh! Hi, Nate!”
“Don’t-call-me-Nate! I told you to call me Nathan! And why are you hitting her?”
“What kind of answer is that?”
“I dunno.”
“Ugh! I am so telling Auntie Claire, Brittney!”
“What? No!”
“Yes! I’m a minute older than you, you can’t boss me around!”
“It’s only a minute!” Brittney whined.
“Still!” the boy said. Luckily, the bus came along, and Brittney was swept away by her friends. The boy turned to Vanessa.
“You okay?”
“Yeah,” Vanessa said, getting up. They got on the bus. Vanessa was able to look at the boy now. The description of Harry Potter would have fit him. He had messy black hair and bright green eyes.
“I’m Nathan.”
“As I figured.” Vanessa said. “I’m Vanessa.”
“Nice to meet you. See you later, I guess.”
“Yeah. Bye.” Vanessa left him to his friends. She walked to the very back of the bus and sat in the one-person seat.
Vanessa was starting to think this day would be good after all.
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